Works by Rimini, A. (exact spelling)

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  1. A General Argument Against Superluminal Transmission Through the Quantum Mechanical Measurement Process.G. C. Ghirardi, A. Rimini & T. Weber - 1980 - Lettere Al Nuovo Cimento 27:294--298.
  2.  86
    The Puzzling Entanglement of Schrödinger's Wave Function.G. C. Ghirardi, A. Rimini & T. Weber - 1988 - Foundations of Physics 18 (1):1-27.
    A brief review of the conceptual difficulties met by the quantum formalism is presented. The main attempts to overcome these difficulties are considered and their limitations are pointed out. A recent proposal based on the assumption of the occurrence of a specific type of wave function collapse is discussed and its consequences for the above-mentioned problems are analyzed.
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