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    Belief Revision in Non-Classical Logics.Dov Gabbay, Odinaldo Rodrigues & Alessandra Russo - 2008 - Review of Symbolic Logic 1 (3):267-304.
    In this article, we propose a belief revision approach for families of (non-classical) logics whose semantics are first-order axiomatisable. Given any such (non-classical) logic , the approach enables the definition of belief revision operators for , in terms of a belief revision operation satisfying the postulates for revision theory proposed by Alchourrrdenfors and Makinson (AGM revision, Alchourrukasiewicz's many-valued logic. In addition, we present a general methodology to translate algebraic logics into classical logic. For the examples provided, we analyse in what (...)
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    Grafting Modalities Onto Substructural Implication Systems.Marcello D'agostino, Dov M. Gabbay & Alessandra Russo - 1997 - Studia Logica 59 (1):65-102.
    We investigate the semantics of the logical systems obtained by introducing the modalities and into the family of substructural implication logics (including relevant, linear and intuitionistic implication). Then, in the spirit of the LDS (Labelled Deductive Systems) methodology, we "import" this semantics into the classical proof system KE. This leads to the formulation of a uniform labelled refutation system for the new logics which is a natural extension of a system for substructural implication developed by the first two authors in (...)
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    Labelled Natural Deduction for Conditional Logics of Normality.Krysia Broda, Dov Gabbay, Luís Lamb & Alessandra Russo - 2002 - Logic Journal of the IGPL 10 (2):123-163.
    We propose a family of Labelled Deductive Conditional Logic systems by defining a Labelled Deductive formalisation for the propositional conditional logics of normality proposed by Boutilier and Lamarre. By making use of the Compilation approach to Labelled Deductive Systems we define natural deduction rules for conditional logics and prove that our formalisation is a generalisation of the conditional logics of normality.
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    Compiled Labelled Deductive Systems a Uniform Presentation of Non-Classical Logics.Krysia Broda, Dov Gabbay, Luis Lamb & Alessandra Russo - 2004 - Hertfordshire: Institute of Physics/Research Studies Press.
    K. Broda, Dov M. Gabbay, Alessandra Russo (all computing or computer science, Imperial College, London) and LuÍs C. Lamb (Informatics, UFRGS, Brazil) argue that though the many families of logic may seem to differ in their logical nature, it is possible to provide them with a unifying logical framework whenever their semantics is axiomatizable in first-order logic. They provide such a framework based on the labeled deductive system methodology, and demonstrate how it works in such families as normal modal logics, (...)
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