Works by Sabia, Dan (exact spelling)

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    Defending Immanent Critique.Dan Sabia - 2010 - Political Theory 38 (5):684-711.
    This article develops, illustrates, and defends a conception of immanent critique. Immanent critique is construed as a form of hermeneutical practice and second-order political and normative criticism. The common charge that immanent critique is a form of philosophical conventionalism necessarily committed to value relativism and to the rejection of transcultural and cosmopolitan norms is denied. But immanent critique insists that meaningful and potentially efficacious criticism must be connected to relevant criteria and understandings internal to the culture or social order at (...)
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  2. Against Civilization.Dan Sabia - 2006 - Utopian Studies 17 (1):285-289.
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    Democratic/Utopian Education.Dan Sabia - 2012 - Utopian Studies 23 (2):374-405.
    On any robust account of its essential features and demanding aspirations, democracy is and always has been a utopian project.1 The same is true of democratic education: Aiming to cultivate and nurture a democratic citizenry is a task even more challenging than it is noble, and it is precisely in this conventional sense of the term (of aiming at particularly good but exceedingly difficult-to-achieve ends) that democratic education is "utopian." I intend in this too-brief article to explain and defend this (...)
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