Works by Wray, David Otway (exact spelling)

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    Logic in Quotes.David Otway Wray - 1987 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 16 (1):77 - 110.
  2. First-Order Quotational Logic.David Otway Wray - 1987 - Dissertation, University of Houston
    In this dissertation, we construct a consistent, complete quotational logic G$\sb1$. We first develop a semantics, and then show the undecidability of circular quotation and anaphorism . Next, a complete axiom system is presented, and completeness theorems are shown for G$\sb1$. We show that definable truth exists in G$\sb1$. ;Later, we replace equality in G$\sb1$ with an equivalence relation. An axiom system and completeness theorems are provided for this equality-free version of G$\sb1$, which is useful in program verification. ;Interpolation and (...)
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