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  1. Naturalizing Natural Deduction.David DeVidi & Herbert Korté - 2014 - In . De Gruyter.
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    A New Semantics for the Epistemology of Geometry I: Modeling Spacetime Structure. [REVIEW]Robert Alan Coleman & Herbert Korté - 1995 - Erkenntnis 42 (2):141 - 160.
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    The Status and Meaning of the Laws of Inertia.Robert Alan Coleman & Herbert Korte - 1982 - PSA: Proceedings of the Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association 1982:257 - 274.
    The Law of Inertia plays a key role in the scheme of constructive axioms for the General Theory of Relativity. A new formulation of this law which avoids the circularity problems inherent in previous formulations is presented. The empirical status of this law and the manner in which it provides a non-conventional foundation for the Law of Motion and the definition of physical forces is established. First, quite general path structures are discussed which are not defined at the outset in (...)
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    A New Semantics for the Epistemology of Geometry II: Epistemological Completeness of Newton—Galilei and Einstein—Maxwell Theory. [REVIEW]Robert Alan Coleman & Herbert Korté - 1995 - Erkenntnis 42 (2):161 - 189.
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    An Empirical, Purely Spatial Criterion for the Planes ofF-Simultaneity.Robert Alan Coleman & Herbert Korte - 1991 - Foundations of Physics 21 (4):417-437.
    The claim that distant simultaneity with respect to an inertial observer is conventional arose in the context of a space-and-time rather than a spacetime ontology. Reformulating this problem in terms of a spacetime ontology merely trivializes it. In the context of flat space, flat time, and a linear inertial structure (a purely space-and-time formalism), we prove that the hyperplanes of space for a given inertial observer are determined by a purely spatial criterion that depends for its validity only on the (...)
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  6. .David DeVidi & Herbert Korté - 2014 - De Gruyter.
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  7. A Realist Interpretation of the Causal-Inertial Structure of Spacetime.Herbert Korte - 1982 - Dissertation, The University of Western Ontario (Canada)
    The central aim of this dissertation is to clarify, defend and develop a realist field ontology of the causal-inertial structure of spacetime forcefully advanced by Hermann Weyl. Weyl's field ontology of spacetime structure may roughly be described as follows. The Special and General as well as the non-relativistic spacetime theories are principle theories of spacetime structure. They all postulate various structural constraints, and events within spacetime are held to satisfy these constraints. When interpreted physically, these mathematical structures correspond to physical (...)
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