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LaTeX or format for symbolic logic?

I was wondering whether these forums have incorporated any standardized tools for mathematical notation--or at the very least, for logical operators like the universal and existential quantifiers--beyond manually fiddling with Unicode characters? If so, could someone point me in the right direction as to how it's done?

And if there isn't such a thing yet, would it be possible to add a feature like that? I believe LaTeX support can be added fairly easily to forums, although that might be only so for boards based off popular packages like phpBB. Or. a simple alternative might be to add a little box at the top of posts which allows the selection and insertion of common symbols. Seems like this sort of thing should be valuable for philosophy-based forums.


LaTeX or format for symbolic logic?
Reply to Nathan Holmes
Hi Nathan, thanks for the suggestion. We don't have special facilities in place at the moment. We could allow latex input as you suggest. There is a perl package we could use to convert latex to html, or at least the subset of latex we would need. In fact I've used it to prepare a (still unfinished) bibtex importer.

But first I would like to have a better sense of how useful that would be. There is also the possibility of writing a post in latex and then pasting the result into the message box--it's not as if it won't accept extended characters. We will definitely implement one of your suggestions or something similar in the future; the question is when, as there is a growing backlog of changes to make.

Anyone, if you want latex input, raise your hand.

LaTeX or format for symbolic logic?
Reply to David Bourget
From experience of the logic-y blogs, having a simple way to use LaTeX commands is really useful (and popular). I'm thinking of the kind of thing you can use in WordPress posts and comments. I'm afraid I have zero knowledge of even what the choices are for implementing this on a site like this. But consider this a raised hand!

By the way---this is a fab resource. Thanks so much to all involved in creating it.