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Bringing Editors and Referees Together
I could be wrong about this, but after the recent discussion over at Leiter's blog I started to think that some of us young folks aren't really doing our part when it comes to refereeing.  I've refereed only four papers in my career.  I've only been asked to referee that many, so I don't think I'm culpable for failing to do my part.  I can think of a number of reasons why I've not been asked to referee more.  I'd like to think that it's because most editors have no idea who I am and what sorts of papers I'd be competent to referee.  Here's a suggestion.  If we could have a webpage for people like myself who would be more than happy to serve as referees to identify themselves as volunteers, list their areas, have copies of their CVs, etc..., I wonder if this wouldn't make life easier for the editors.  In turn, this would make life easier for authors. 

If I knew anything about setting up a webpage, I'd give it a shot.  Is this the sort of resource that editors would take advantage of?  If so, anyone want to pick up the ball and run with it?  I'd be happy to help but, as I said, I'm bad with web design.