1. Three Kinds of Classses.Hugh S. Chandler - 1966 - American Philosophical Quarterly 3 (Jan):77-188.
    This is a boiled down version of my doctoral dissertation. Ryle wouldn’t publish it, claiming that it is like ‘a well sharpened pencil that no one will ever use.’ I guess he turned out to be right. Nevertheless I think it was, and is, a good paper.
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Kinds of Classes of Things

In this paper I described three fundamentally different kinds of classes; but the idea of ‘natural kinds’ never crossed my mind.  (That shows how long ago it was.)
I guess I now should say something like, “The extension of a ‘natural kind’ K is governed by the (usually hidden) features that are responsible for such and such observable distinguishing features in these (pointing) paradigmatic Ks.”

That would give us an important, and interesting fourth kind of class. Right?