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Couldn't edit
Complete address of the page:

What did you see that was wrong? If there was an error message with an explanation, what was it?
No error message.

My browser is Firefox 3.5 (WinXP)

I tried to edit the description of a forthcoming article, to reflect a change in title and other changes. 
I could change the text.  However, there was no "Accept changes" button to install them.  Closing
the edit box left the entry unchanged.


Couldn't edit
Reply to Jean E. Burns
Hi Jean, thanks for reporting this issue. Did you notice if there was a "submit" button at the bottom of the dialog box? If there wasn't, it's possible that the problem is due to your display settings. Do you know your screen resolution? If it's too small, the buttons might be cut off from the screen. It would be helpful if you could try with a different browser to start, in case there is a configuration issue if your copy of firefox 3.5.