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About knowledge a litle bit.
Before the fact, we know based on what has been written, an example might be knowledge of the law and does not commit crimes because of conceptual knowledge. There it is based on experience already przeżytym but on the intellect, namely on this, what not to do in order not to be convicted of a misdemeanor or felony. Rights can learn to read codes that have warned us about what not to do this in ten same way, we can learn a vocabulary of language, call the prior knowledge, knowledge BEFORE the fact. Hindsight is based on our own experience and others. Drawing on the knowledge of this is written, we draw knowledge from others who have already experienced something, it is passed. Hindsight, IS OUR personal knowledge without relying on prior experience. Knowledge Based on previous experience we can verify and, if I upgrade, so how do scientists when previous experience does not agree with the observations, then seek an explanation and often expand or narrow theories. The prior knowledge IS BEFORE fact, knowledge from experience Knowledge IS AFTER the fact. The prior knowledge IS relying only on intellect, knowledge is acquired PO fact is based also on other cognitive abilities. I know that fire is hot, What I learned from someone, eg. From Grandma, but What is burn MOGE learn ‡ IS only when a severe burn or see someone who IS scalded. When I see someone who IS scalded know how it looks sunburned person, when a severe burn to know how to be oparzonym. Sometimes knowledge prior is not enough to do THAT, TO warn against the dangers due to the fact I knew if the burn is good for me, for this reason, it never burned, probably this matter poland often do not listen to parents and until They will not mate they do not take care of myself. When TO mate they will notice that they do not burn Dating SA dangerous, although it would be foolish to check a really ARE ALL burns are dangerous. Often we use the experience of others, cooperation does not mean that we cause accidents TO benefit from the experience of another person. Süme our experience often comes down to do our Knowledge, but our knowledge is also an attempt to prevent a burn, or prior knowledge, do not put your hand on fire too long time, because I get burned. For a limited time you can so that the flow of energy in the lighter is not as high as in the gas stove.

Prior knowledge and knowledge based on experience. Foreknowledge is not always based on the experience of NP. when we imagine a new device that we can do, but DEVICE order can arise only when we combine together some elements of Knowledge, which have so TO DEVICE work.

WHETHER prior knowledge may be the which is not based on experience. In the case of the law, yes.