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First Impressions
The interface for PP is intuitive and easy to use, which is all the more surprising given the power of the site.  Frankly, it is a little addictive.  Thanks to David Bourget, David Chalmers and Wolfgang Schwarz.

By the way, I am using a Mac and have found no problems or bugs yet.  

First Impressions
I've just logged in for the first time, but yes: so far it looks superb.

First Impressions
Yeah, I like it a lot.  The site looks great, and the 'browse journals' and 'reading list' features are very convenient!

First Impressions
I too trying to find my way around and I had read #what is it like to be a bat# in another article and as soon as wanted to reply I found myself a member of this fine forum.
Thanks to all efforts