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Philosophy in and out of the University, Institutions, its role in the 21st Century
I am interested in starting a discussion on intellectual cultures in the institutions within which philosophy is placed today and how to shape the future of our field. It has often seemed to me that philosophy has a problematic relationship with the institutions that it helped to develop and on which it is more or less dependent. Does philosophy belong in universities? Do you feel at home where you are, as a philosopher? Are universities the right place for creative philosophical work? Why have so many of the great philosophers been either entirely outside of the academic industry, or in a very troubled relationship with it? What happens to philosophy when it makes itself comfortable in an institutions - the medieval Church, the modern research university. Is there a diference, really, between philosophy as the handmaid of theology and philosophy as the handmaid, the humble legitimator, of science and instrumental reason (analytical philosophy today, as well as large parts of continental thought)? What, if any, is the difference between philosophy and philosophology? What is required of us, as philosophers, to shape our discipline (if that is what philosophy is - a discipline) in the years ahead? What is the added value of yet more philosophical articles and books, yet more alignment with the publish or perish system? How should we educate new generations of philosophers? What is the value of peer-reviewing processes in what we write? Is there room or a need perhaps for a different form of organisation of those who engage professionally with philosophy, one that breaks with both the guild-like face and the instrumental face of the academy? What could such forms of organisation look like? Or do we best muddle along, accepting the convenience marriage of lectureship and philosophical existence, accepting, as Schopenhauer said, that we are like spiders - who cannot tolerate each other's existence, really?

Philosophy in and out of the University, Institutions, its role in the 21st Century
Reply to Johan Siebers
Some people think there's a place for the "professional philosopher" outside the academy: That's the website of the "American Philosophical Practitioners Association."

What do you mean by "philosophology"?