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A big update
Some of you may have noticed new features appearing on PhilPapers in recent weeks.  These include the following:

* Archive monitoring: PhilPapers now indexes articles found on Open Access archives. We are currently monitoring about 800 archives (mostly University-wide archives). Make sure your institutional archive is listed and that PhilPapers is correctly gathering its contents.

* Expanded coverage: We are now monitoring about 50 new journals and have the ability to add many more as we receive suggestions. We've also improved our book coverage.

* Book shopping: PhilPapers now displays prices for books on Amazon Marketplace. We have built a Bargain Finder utility which allows you to view the most discounted books on Marketplace in your areas of interests.
* Improved search facilities: We've built a new search engine which provides more flexibility in advanced mode and more relevant results in basic mode. This engine has been in operation as of the 18th of September.

* Improved performance: we have new server facilities in London which should deliver much better performance for most users.

* Improved linking to library resources. You can now look up books and articles directly through your library using the new At my library feature. We've also improved the proxy-based off-campus access system this facility supplements. Many users will now be able to pick a pre-configured proxy.

The PhilPapers Gadget: Display your books and articles on your personal web site or your departmental page.

* Aliases: You can now configure which variations on your name are used to automatically add items in your personal bibliography in your profile ("My works").

* "My notes": You can now attach private notes to any work listed on PhilPapers.

* Improved facilities for submissions by publishers: publishers now have four different means of submitting content to PhilPapers in bulk. See this page.

* A new 'my threads' page where you can see all discussion threads you are subscribed to and unsubscribe as desired.

* An improved 'new items' page with better filters.

* Spelling suggestions.

* Buttons to share articles on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

* A standardized machine interface compatible with the Open Access Initiative protocol 2.0 for user-submitted content.

* Many more small improvements and bug fixes.

More new features will be rolled out in coming weeks.

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