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BibTeX export
When I export a page of references in BibTeX format, I get an extraneous comma added at the end of the last field of each record. For example:
   author = {Author},
   title = {My Great Article},
   journal = {Fantastic Journal of Great Articles},
   year = {1066},
   volume = {19},
   pages = {34-507},
   author = {Author, Another},
   title = {My Great Book},
   publisher = {Scholarly Books},
   address = {Oldham},
   year = 1588,

I've written a script to process the references I get and this includes code to remove the stray commas but I wondered if this is a known bug or something else. Unlike the other problem I'm having with PhiPapers, I'm assuming this one is unlikely to be a browser incompatibility.

Thanks for any advice.

BibTeX export
Reply to Clea F. Rees
Hi Clea, thanks for reporting this issue. We will fix this as soon as possible (we cannot currently because we are in the middle of a big refactoring where we can't touch the production code). 
Just out of curiosity, are you aware of any applications that have problems with the extra comma? I've used PP's bibtex with latex extensively and that didn't come up. But I know many other apps import bibtex.

BibTeX export
Reply to Clea F. Rees
Thanks for replying.

The answer is that I'm not aware of any such application.

I was convinced that the stray comma caused BibTeX problems but after I read your reply, I tested it and you are quite correct - BibTeX does not complain. The references I downloaded triggered a number of warnings from BibTeX but none concerned the stray commas.

I think I must be confusing the stray commas with some other problem - maybe lack of commas which certainly do cause issues. (This isn't a PhilPapers problem - just an issue I often run into when I've added items to my database manually.)

I haven't tested with biblatex because I'm still working up to experimenting with that but I can't imagine it is likely to complain if BibTeX doesn't.

So all I can say in defence of my "bug" report is that the exported references would be more aesthetically pleasing if the stray commas were absent!