1. Solving the Color Incompatibility Problem.Sarah Moss - 2012 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 41 (5):841-851.
    It is commonly held that Wittgenstein abandoned the Tractatus largely because of a problem concerning color incompatibility. My aim is to solve this problem on Wittgenstein’s behalf. First I introduce the central program of the Tractatus (§1) and the color incompatibility problem (§2). Then I solve the problem without abandoning any Tractarian ideas (§3), and show that given certain weak assumptions, the central program of the Tractatus can in fact be accomplished (§4). I conclude by distinguishing my system of analysis (...)
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Wow, cool paper
This is awesome. Tractatus power!

Wow, cool paper
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Very interesting information. I was not informed. These first elements provided leads me to widen the subject.