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Does Piotr Grabowski Really Exist?
A thread of mine is being spammed by Pieter, and after one response from him all I get are posts in my thread The Logic of Physics: Some Problematic Concepts which have nothing to do with said thread. The people responsible at Philpapers apparently do not care about this thread pollution. In fact I know of an illustrious person who he is probably very happy of such a system glitch. If glitch it is. I won't be the first time I have been the object of such bully practices. As you all know three of my threads have been deleted already, and I won't mention numerous other incidents that hinder me as a user of this forum. You would expect the people responsible for this forum to simply ban me if they consider me an undesirable member. Somehow they do not have the balls. So, what of it, Goliath? Do you want to fight it out in the open, of will you stick to your sneaky tricks?

Does Piotr Grabowski Really Exist?
Nope. Piotr is apparently a ghost member. Have you read his posts? I am not a mathematician, nor a physicist, but they really look like nonsense to me for the most part.
I had opened a new thread at a place where there was none, Huygens' Light Theory: A Text Analysis.  And what do you know, the next day Piotr had the same idea! You should read it, and if it makes sense to you, I will be very grateful if you could explain it to me.

By the way, do you know that for me to see whether there are any new threads I have to log off first? I guess the system does not like me. I had complained by a very high functionary of Philpapers, and it was almost immediately solved... For a couple of days. Some powers are simply too... powerful. But then, it is easy to entertain the illusion of your own power when you cowardly hide behind the protective walls of the system.
Allow me to end on a positive point. A few months ago I was suddenly granted the "professional" status, which means that my posts do not have to be accepted by an editor first anymore. I am very happy and grateful for this decision wherever  it comes from. I had seen quite a few posts, and a couple of whole threads, rejected for no evident reason, except that I knew who the editor was.But I wanted to end positively, so...
Thank you.