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Exporting Search Results: What's a pl file?

I'm new at this and am having some troubles. I'm trying to export a search result from philpapers to an ris file so I can import it into Mendeley. I select Reference Manager from the Export this Page box, change the number to 444 (that's how many results I had), but when I export it I get the file ''. What is a pl file? In fact, I get this when I try to export it to other file types as well.

Is changing the file extension to ris safe? Will I lose any information this way? Thanks for the help.

Exporting Search Results: What's a pl file?
Reply to Alex Koo
Hi Alexander, the name of the file is not really significant. Reference Manager or Endnote should be able to read it regardless. We will look into giving the file a better name though. Thanks for the feedback.