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Platonic Numerology
Does anybody know where I could find a good scholarly discussion of the weird 'numerological' passages about cultural decline in Republic VIII (ca. 545e-547a). I'm interested both in where Plato might have gotten these ideas about the 'predictable unpredictability' of genetic heritability of traits and what light the passages might throw upon his remarks about the 'noble lie.'

Platonic Numerology
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Try this paper and check the references:

Desmond, T. "Plato's Noble Lie and the Imaginary Number i : An Introduction to the Zero Zone
System of Measurement in the Context of Plato's Republic and the Laws," Journal of Futures
Studies, 14, 2, 11, 185-200 (2009)

Platonic Numerology
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The paper's URL is
It would be greatly appreciated if citers would take the time to contribute a complete citation.

M. Dean

Platonic Numerology
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Correct url is:

P. Hood