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Inconsistent applications of the "professional author" status

I've lately noticed that a number of papers by professional authors have not been displayed as such. The problem is not that these are the only papers by these authors - rather, they have several papers accepted qua professional authors, but some other papers by the same authors are not displayed as having been written by professional authors. For one example (for the sake of privacy, I will not menton any names here), there is a professor who has an article accepted as professionally written, but his reply to a critic against that article in the same journal and issue is not shown as being written by a professional author. This is clearly inconsistent. So: what, if anything, can be done about this?


Inconsistent applications of the "professional author" status
Reply to Olof Leffler
Hi Olof, thanks for reporting this. Could you please email me the details of the papers so I can look into it?