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A new look for PhilPapers
We are pleased to announce the launch of a new look for PhilPapers. We have a new logo and a new design to go with it. The new design is more functional and more mobile-friendly.

Our new logo is the winning submission to last year's PhilPapers logo design contest. The winners are Andrea Andrews and Meghan Driscoll from Florida (a link to their web pages has been added to the footer of the site for those who might be interested in working with them). We received about 300 submissions to the contest, many of which were excellent and very professional. The PhilPapers board chose finalists and then polled hundreds of people to choose the winner. We had to select just one design, but we would like to thank all the participants for their excellent contributions. We're lucky to have such a supportive community for this service.

In the weeks and months to come we will be announcing a number of exciting new services. We look forward to sharing these with you.

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