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Happy birthday PhilPapers!

Today (January 28, 2019) is PhilPapers' tenth birthday. PhilPapers has grown enormously since its modest beginnings at the ANU. In the first months, we had only a few thousand users. Now we have hundreds of thousands. We started by indexing a relatively small number of articles that were readily available online. Now we have by far the most complete index of the philosophical literature with 2.4 million entries.

In the first years, it was just one person doing all the technical work. Now we have a robust and growing team at the Centre for Digital Philosophy. We're very grateful for all the work that everyone has put into PhilPapers, from our 600 or so category editors and our tens of thousands of casual contributors to the developers that have contributed code and the organizations that have supported them. We're enthusiastically looking ahead to what we can achieve as a community over the next ten years.

By the way, everyone is welcome to join us for a special session at the upcoming Pacific APA meeting in Vancouver to talk about the future of publishing and peer review in philosophy.

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