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Erroneous BibTeX export in some cases
By the way, I appreciate the update to the BibTeX export so that it no longer includes stray commas. (Even if I did have to adjust my post-processing script!)

Recently, I noticed that I'm getting incorrect page numbers in the BibTeX exported for some entries. It doesn't apply to all entries. For example, I exported data from a number of articles from Mind and Language 2000 vol. 15 no. 1 today. Some of these had correct page numbers but others were erroneous. The start page always seems to be correct but the last page is sometimes messed up. When this happens, the erroneous number is usually the same for all entries which include the error. In this case, three or four articles had completely correct numbering while three or four had a last page of 8211. This included, if I remember correctly, the introduction which should end on page 46.

Any idea why this is happening?

Erroneous BibTeX export in some cases
Reply to Clea F. Rees
In other cases, I found it just omits the last page number altogether...

Erroneous BibTeX export in some cases
Reply to Clea F. Rees
Just to add an example of the BibTex-export issue pointed out by Clea F. Rees:

The page numbers are correctly listed on the website as 131-134, but BibTex-export returns:
pages = {131--8211}