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ethical problems in surrogacy
Hi, am reading about surrogate motherhood. it seems to be a good option for those who are not able to give birth to their child for some or other reason. but is it really so. I think there are three parties involved in the issue. one is the couple who want a child, doctor and the woman who is ready to give birth to someone else's child. there are ethical relations between these three. which has to be taken into consideration. In India they call it surrogacy tourism or newly upcoming business. but I don't think so. giving birth to a baby cannot be business at any cost. I wont say that its a holy, pure religious act but this activity have some dignity and therefore cannot be looked at as money making business. but misuse  of science have been an problem for long time and this is not an exception. As a student of philosophy can I look at the ethical aspects of the same. if yes from which perspective? is it OK if  I use utilitarian theory to talk the positive side of the same.     

ethical problems in surrogacy
Reply to Tanuja Yelale
Very nice topic for your project and I appreciate your initiative in this direction though commercials would overtake all ethics. Trade of human organs is in place for long time and irrespective of the ethical issues highlighted, for various reasons it is 10% of service and 90% of business. Now leasing of the human organs has started and irrespective of the advocacy it would go on as long as money is involved. 
So only my book '3rd Planet - The transformation begins' suggested that ban the paper currency and ban the plastic currency and have only digital currency on biometric parameters with every transaction being routed through a centralized server with intelligence incorporated in it. This is the solution for not just unethical businesses but also for black money, corruption, crime and terrorism.

Ok, lets come back to your project. Very precisely both the extremes of this argument are in exploitation of women. On one side, it is a women who accepts for this for fulfilling her needs (exploited by herself) and on the other side there is a women who is forced for doing so (exploited by force). A normal women very rarely agrees to be a surrogate mother unless she is influenced for doing so. In a country like India, where social security is just on papers and politicians themselves are conducting several money making businesses, anything is possible. Though this is purely a denial of fundamental right of a human being, this will happen until the saviors of the government do not feel that this is wrong.