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What is Anglophone philosophy?

The question is simple enough, but I do now know if there is consensus on the answer.

Three possible answers come to mind:
  1. Philosophy produced in an English-speaking community.
  2. Philosophy produced in English.
  3. Philosophy that is primarily of interest to English-speaking philosophers.
I do not know what has been written on this subject, though the question was raised for me recently when I read (and responded to) Brian Leiter's "The Most Cited Books in Post-WWII Angolphone Philosophy."

In what follows, I consider Leiter's account of Anglophone philosophy, because his is the only treatment I've come across.  While Leiter may not be the foremost authority on this issue, I do not know who is.

Number 4 on Leiter's list is Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations, which was not written in English, but which was first published in English translation, thanks to G. E. M. Anscombe.  Of course, Wittgenstein was a pivotal figure at Oxford.  Yet, I presume that ... (read more)
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