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How do an release a "Call for Papers"? Do I put it up on my PhilPapers page as an article or is there a place where many others can see my call for papers?

Special Issue of the Journal of Consciousness Exploration&Research (JCER)

"Theories of Consciousness and Death:
Does Consciousness End, Continue, Awaken, or Transform
When the Body Dies?"

I am asking for submissions that outline a particular theory of consciousness and explore its conclusions, implications or possibilities when body and brain physically die. Are there alternatives? This is of course asking for speculation soundly based within the theory you choose, but from here in life one should be able to extrapolate, make educated guesses, or imagine the potentials implied by the theory. Obviously, for materialists who embrace brain-created consciousness, consciousness dies with the brain. For the existentialists, death ends all. But there are other ontologies such as neutral monism or panpsychism, or the ideas o ... (read more)
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I have several unpublished papers on Philpapers. I am told that:
  • This paper is flagged as a manuscript, but not a draft. Is it really a manuscript you don't intend to publish?
They are actually finished papers that I don't intend to publish. But when I look at the pull-down list for Publication Status I can't see a suitable option. What should I do?

Howard Simmons
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Usually clicking on an essay title takes one to the archived text, but I have one essay for which clicking in the title takes the reader directly to my blog. I'd rather they were not ambushed in this way but cannot see how to change the setting. Is this something I've done when uploading the essay? Can it be changed?   
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I have noted this problem before. I can't stop the bot from mistakenly updating the book in this entry to Journal of Philosophy. I've changed it back too many times now...
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I think I know the answer to this but I want to check.
The bibtex records exported by PhilPapers have an ID in the following format: the author(s) surnames + a year + a hyphen + an alphanumeric unique identifier. The identifier can be added to the end of `` to give a URL for the entry.

Could the ID contain anything other than alphanumeric characters? I'm writing a script that extracts the IDs to create a PhilPapers ID field in bibtex records that can be rendered as a link to the entry, and I want to make sure my regex works.
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I have only found out this way to export from Philpapers to Mendeley
In Philpapers:
Export citation
Choose BibTex - opens in a new tab
Copy the text

In Mendeley:
Edit > Paste (>Save reference)

Is this the easiest way?
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Hello, I want to get rid of an old outdated paper in the archive. You can't access it through phil papers, where I have changed all the links, but somehow google finds the paper.
Can someone from tech please delete this PDF?

Thank you!

Erik Banks

Hi all,
I wrote a paper on risk ethics and technology for a class I took on Engineering Ethics. My professor, a graduate from Texas A&M, thought the paper is publishable. Unfortunately, he left the institution and I can't get to him. So, could you please give me your recommendation on where I can publish my paper. I also wrote another one on the Challenger and the Bhopal Disasters that I want to publish as well. I am trying to publish these so that I can impress graduate Philosophy schools in my application. Any advice is very much appreciated.

Thank you,

Dear all, I am trying to develop a framework incorporating anti-essentialist, socialist feminist approaches, can anyone help me suggesting source material.
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The citation information and abstract for my paper, "Maps and Absent Symbols," keeps disappearing. I have added this information several times, but it seems to be automatically deleted. Someone from "The PhilPapers Team" also tried adding the correct information, but it disappeared again. The paper's PhilPapers entry is here:

Thank you for your assistance.


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Oh dear. I changed my name from Peter Jones to Peter G. Jones to clear up some confusion caused by having such a common name and have promptly lost all my 'followers'. I assumed that it would be a citation/reference change only, but apparently not. 

Is there anything I can do about this?


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After clicking "Submit" i see the window:

Processing bibliography ..

Initializing ..

and i can't go any further.

This happens even with the .bib files that were succesfully uploaded before (half a year ago).

Hi,The abstract of my paper from Philosophy, as it appears on the PhilPapers site, is missing words (so it makes no sense). I've tried to fix it myself but I always get an error message: 'some mandatory information is missing.' I can't find anything missing. How can I fix this? Thanks
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Sometimes the maintenance bot appears to be overaggressive in pruning the records. For example, I just noticed that an overview that I co-authored with Tamar Gendler

has been changed to have the same details as Gendler's 2000 imaginative resistance paper.


A related problem is that there is no easy way for me to reverse the changes except redoing everything manually. Wikis have an option to reverse edits. It would be nice if the same option existed on the Revisions History page.


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Hi, the "embed my works" widget looks to have a lot of potential.  But is it possible to have it list only one's published (or only unpublished) works?  Or to change the list order (by pub date, title, etc.)?

This may be an artifact of various blocking programs I have, but I do not see any button to resign from a leaf or category editorship. Please help?
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I suspect there is a way to search philpapers directly from BibDesk. Has anyone managed to make this work? Since there is good bibdesk support in philpapers, I am sure I am not the only one who has thought about this.
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Is there a way to delete items from my reading list? 

I have been told a work of mine has is not in any leaf category. When I go to fix this I cannot see how to do it. The main category is fine - but how do I add leaf categories? I suspect I'm missing something obvious but what? Thank you.   .

I note that next to items in PhilPapers with an empty abstract field there is a "fix it" link, which allows one to enter an abstract.

Is it intended that this should only be filled by an abstract written by the author of the piece?  Or would it be useful/helpful to have abstracts written by others when the field is otherwise empty?

Kind regards

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