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Or should I say Goliath Chalmers? Why did you choose such a last name for your alias?  Did you may be feel like grabbing' m by the...? 

[to the reader: if you get this post, you'd better immediately save it. It wouldn't surprise me if it got deleted.]

The recently updated/started pages no longer seem to update.
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A thread of mine is being spammed by Pieter, and after one response from him all I get are posts in my thread The Logic of Physics: Some Problematic Concepts which have nothing to do with said thread. The people responsible at Philpapers apparently do not care about this thread pollution. In fact I know of an illustrious person who he is probably very happy of such a system glitch. If glitch it is. I won't be the first time I have been the object of such bully practices. As you all know three of my threads have been deleted already, and I won't mention numerous other incidents that hinder me as a user of this forum. You would expect the people responsible for this forum to simply ban me if they consider me an undesirable member. Somehow they do not have the balls. So, what of it, Goliath? Do you want to fight it out in the open, of will you stick to your sneaky tricks?
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me: you know I'm not... I do not...
You: so what? Don't you like gifts?
me: of course I do. But that is not...
You: what do I care why you do it? Catholics and protestants butchered each other for centuries. But not on Christmas. Isn't that great?
George: just like a truce during the Ramadan
You: don't kill your neighbor on the Sabbath.
George: don't forget Buddha.
You: Yeah! Meditate, don't make war!
George: that is also the best protection you can have against crazies. People of all religions at each other's celebrations. 
You: And more gifts for the children.
George: Shops will love it, so you don't have to worry about publicity!
You (laughing): they will have no trouble convincing all parents they must buy gifts for the Ashura. (adding hurriedly) Not the bloody version, the one for the kids.
me: I admit, it is a very nice Christmas thought.
You: so what if it is naive and won't solve anything immediately?
George: absolutely. Things take time, and the longer you wait to start, the longer it takes.
m ... (read more)

Due to a server problem, I ended up creating duplicate entries of an article. I've been marking the duplications but they've not been merged. How often are duplication checks and merges made?
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Threads do not show up on the profile. Why is that? It seems unfair to people for whom that is the most appropriate way of communicating their ideas.

It seems odd to me that there is no refereeing of submitted articles. Amateurs cannot easily post on forums yet seem to be able to submit essays to the archive without any quality checks. Is this the case, or did I miss something?

If so, this does not seem the correct way around. It should surely be more difficult to archive an article here than post a message in the forums.

I mention this because the other day I referred someone to an article on philpapers during a discussion, thinking that this connection would lend the article some credibility, only to be told that any old fool could archive stuff here. I found that I wasn't able to deny this assertion.

What should I have said in response? 


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How could I unlink the (mistakenly entered, since deleted) reference to the collection in which a paper appears in? See . Thanks.

In one category of mine ( I have many entries in languages which I do not understand. Many of these entries seem to be not philosophy. Editing categories gets difficult in that case. Do many editors encounter that problem?

I wonder if PhilPapers if optimized for Google Scholar crawling. The guidelines are at . In my own case, versions of my papers that are archived on PhilPapers DO NOT show up as one of the versions on Google Scholar. Since PhilPapers is quite successful in getting many philosophers to upload no-paywall versions of their work, it would be great that it also shows up in other search engines.
In particular, without knowing all the technical details, I worry that some setup of PhilPapers makes it less accessible to indexing robots. Often, when I go from one entry to another, my browser history shows several distinct accesses. So I wonder if there are some subtle reloading happening at a level not visible to the end user but disruptive to bots.
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Thank you very much for creating PhilEvents and for providing a widget creation widget.

For the purpose of the third-party website that I help creating it would be very useful to have a widget with a location filter that does not filter on the basis of a certain distance from a certain city but on the basis of a world region (e.g., Europe). Would it be possible to add this feature?

It is reasonable to suppose that academics must take a consultative role in their relationship with their students and that consequently students may have to wait for their queries to be considered. On this model I cannot find fault with the delay in non-professional users of PhilPapers needing to wait for their posts to appear, for discussion is something that takes place between academics and not between academics and students. More important again, the consultative role prevents scholastic dilution and dissolution of the University text into anecdote under a potential wave of less informed student contributions.

That would be the academic model employed by the University (which I have called the integral text), a model that safeguards knowledge. In this model knowledge such as ideas and personages is safeguarded by being integrated with other factual nodes or elements, such as style, date, syntax preferences, and these together form a net that must be laboriously learned, and where e ... (read more)

PhilPapers writers with no professional status have to wait for their forum posts to be ratified by an academic, as many of us already know. My posts sometimes take over three weeks to be ratified and appear, even if I have expressed some urgency concerning them. Late ratification makes it difficult to maintain a discussion and is a source of frustration. In my own case, I write here to hone my conceptual skills in preparation for a PhD (Kant and Wittgenstein; transcendental philosophy).

I do not know if different forums have different ratifiers. If this is so, it may be the reason why posts aren't regularly scrutinised for ratification. Another reason may be that post ratifiers are academics and so may be unable to attend to forum posts as often as they would like to because of their heavy work load.

Could there not be some sort of work-around? Here is one idea. I like to think that my posts demonstrate a fair degree of scholastic prowess and have generated some interest among readers h ... (read more)
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By the way, I appreciate the update to the BibTeX export so that it no longer includes stray commas. (Even if I did have to adjust my post-processing script!)

Recently, I noticed that I'm getting incorrect page numbers in the BibTeX exported for some entries. It doesn't apply to all entries. For example, I exported data from a number of articles from Mind and Language 2000 vol. 15 no. 1 today. Some of these had correct page numbers but others were erroneous. The start page always seems to be correct but the last page is sometimes messed up. When this happens, the erroneous number is usually the same for all entries which include the error. In this case, three or four articles had completely correct numbering while three or four had a last page of 8211. This included, if I remember correctly, the introduction which should end on page 46.

Any idea why this is happening?
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PhilPapers sometimes automatically quotes the start of the first paragraph of a paper posted in my account, which can get annoying, particularly when the quoted snippet doesn't adequately summarize the paper. I have repeatedly edited entries to delete quoted summaries, only to find that PhilPapers has been overriding my edits. How do I stop these persistent unwanted automatic corrections to entries under my name? Thanks in advance for the help.

Hello, Philpapers!
I joined philpapers just today because I wanted to ask this question. The thing is, that I found out about this site about a month ago and I loved the way it is SO much, that I started visiting it every day to see what's new in the articles section. Now I start to wish that the Philosophy was an area of my primary interest, but, unfortunately, it's not primary, and, as I am not a native speaker of English I can't read all of the articles properly. My areas of interest are Literature and Religion (separately), but I couldn't find any sites, constructed in the same way as this. So I wonder if there are such ones, where I can trace the latest articles dedicated to my area of interest?
Thank you very much!
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Dear members,

I have compiled my views on various issues such as Philosophy of life, Meaning of life, Purpose of life etc . I have uploaded them at following URL,

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I would appriciate your review and feedback.


(B. J. Gupta)


I've lately noticed that a number of papers by professional authors have not been displayed as such. The problem is not that these are the only papers by these authors - rather, they have several papers accepted qua professional authors, but some other papers by the same authors are not displayed as having been written by professional authors. For one example (for the sake of privacy, I will not menton any names here), there is a professor who has an article accepted as professionally written, but his reply to a critic against that article in the same journal and issue is not shown as being written by a professional author. This is clearly inconsistent. So: what, if anything, can be done about this?

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  • David Bourget, 2011-10-06 : Hi Olof, thanks for reporting this. Could you please email me the details of the papers so I can look into it?
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It seems that if a non-pro starts a new thread, and the post is accepted, he/she should be able to post in that thread thereafter without moderation. The non-pro's reply is on the very same topic as his/her already accepted OP (original post). Besides the fact that he/she must have some grasp of the topic, the author of the OP is already invested in the discussion, so I seriously doubt you run the risk of the him/her trolling (posting a bunch of curse words, for example) or doing something else with a bad intention. And if the intention is good, the OP author deserves a reply.

Given that OP authors often reply in their own threads a bunch, the idea has high utility (for moderators as well).

Thank you,
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