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I really love the download spreadsheet feature!  
One thing that would make it even more useful would be if the downloaded information included the PhilPapers assigned AOS/AOC information.  As things stand, all you get is the description of the AOS and AOC provided by the advertising institution, which is informative but not very consistent (e.g. some say 'Ethics', some say 'Moral Philosophy', etc.), and thus hard to use to quickly answer questions like 'What are the most popular areas this year?'.

Dear PhilJobs administrators, thank you so much for creating a function whereby job seekers can download the listing information into a spreadsheet.  I cheered when I saw it!  However, the download spreadsheet function is not as useful as I had hoped, for several reasons:
  •  The date field does not translate consistently to Excel.  Currently it downloads Nov 1 as "1/11/2013," and it downloads Nov 15 as "15-11-2013."  This makes sorting job applications by deadline very difficult.  Having lived in the UK and the US, I am comfortable with either format, but it ought to convert consistently to Excel.  (I tried reformatting all the dates to DD-MON-YY, but then it just changes 1/11/13 to 11-Jan-2013.)
  •  The search function in the online listings offers various filters, but I don't see these in the spreadsheet.  Possible to include them?
    • job-type (faculty, post-doc, etc)
    • contract-type (fixed, open, etc)
  • The search function in the online listings also offers location.  Would it be possible to include thi ... (read more)
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Thank you very much for creating PhilJobs.

Would it be possible to add a widget creation wizard for PhilJobs (just as there is one for PhilEvents)?
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Thanks to all involved for a really useful service.

I am writing to recommend that an anti-discrimination policy be enforced by PhilJobs.  For example, PhilJobs could adopt the APA Statement on Non-Discrimination, and either:
  • Refuse to advertise these positions (my preferred option); or
  • Allow them to be filtered out in search results.

It is a disgrace that the current issue of JFP includes the following disclaimer:
Due to technical problems resulting from our recent transition to new administrative software, we are unable to assure that all of the universities listed in this issue agree to abide by the APA's nondiscrimination policy. If you have any concerns about this, please investigate the individual institutions' policy before applying for a position.
...and it would be great if PhilJobs was able to help compensate.

This is excellent thanks. Here are a couple of suggestions:

(1) It would be good if one could filter the search by rank or by whether the job is for either junior or senior level position.
(2) I would prefer it if it just listed all the search results on one page.
(3) I find PhilJobs a little more difficult to read than And Phylo jobs has certain nice features (like integration with Google Maps). Perhaps, the two teams could get together and collaborate. Philosophy needs a service like this, but we need just one service, not two.

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I'm currently obtaining my undergraduate degree in Philosophy, and I will continue studying philosophy after I receive my degree. If anybody would care to answer them, I have a couple of questions: how hard is it to find a faculty position or a position within a university? What is the general process of "philosophical research"? I know that sponsors generally give grants to researchers who research through seemingly "consistent" methods of research - such as lab work, c. How is "research" undertaken in the field of philosophy? 
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