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  1. added 2019-10-03
    Reflections on Kurt Gödel. [REVIEW]James Franklin - 1991 - History of European Ideas 13 (5):637-638.
    A review of Hao Wang's Reflections on Kurt Goedel, emphasising Goedel's reaction against his Vienna Circle background.
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  2. added 2018-10-29
    The Applicability of Mathematics in Science: Indispensability and Ontology.Sorin Bangu - 2012 - Palgrave-Macmillan.
  3. added 2018-10-15
    The Infinite in Mathematics. By Felix Kaufmann. Edited by Brian McGuinness and Translated by P. Felkes.Dominic J. Balestra - 1980 - Modern Schoolman 57 (2):181-182.
  4. added 2018-06-05
    Future Pasts: The Analytic Tradition in Twentieth Century Philosophy.Juliet Floyd & Sanford Shieh (eds.) - 2001 - Oxford University Press.
    This collection of previously unpublished essays presents a new approach to the history of analytic philosophy--one that does not assume at the outset a general characterization of the distinguishing elements of the analytic tradition. Drawing together a venerable group of contributors, including John Rawls and Hilary Putnam, this volume explores the historical contexts in which analytic philosophers have worked, revealing multiple discontinuities and misunderstandings as well as a complex interaction between science and philosophical reflection.
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  5. added 2017-01-31
    Beyond Quantities and Qualities: Frege and Jevons on Measurement.Raphaël Sandoz - 2016 - Hopos: The Journal of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science 6 (2):212-238.
    On which philosophical foundations is the attribution of numerical magnitudes to qualitative phenomena based? That is, what is the philosophical basis for attributing, through measurement operations, numbers to empirical qualities that our senses perceive in the outside world? This question, nowadays rarely addressed in such a way, actually refers to an old debate about the quantification of qualities. A historical analysis reveals that it was a major issue in the “context of discovery” of the first attempts to mathematize new fields (...)
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  6. added 2016-10-13
    From Vienna to Vienna: European Philosophy of Science [Review]. [REVIEW]Adam Tuboly - 2016 - Science & Education (7-8):1-4.