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Summary Papers within this category include work about 20th century philosophy and major philosophical works from the twentieth century. They are organised according to proper names, with many of the most famous 20th century philosophers having entries.
Key works Few books, if any, manage to provide a decent overview of Western philosophy in the twentieth century, which has seen the burgeoning of the analytic tradition, as well as various developments within the 'Continental' tradition, such as phenomenology, existentialism, critical theory, structuralism and poststructuralism. Some important works and movements of twentieth century Western philosophy fit uneasily within such labels (e.g. pragmatism, feminism). Detailed historical work can be found regarding particular periods, especially as concerns early analytic philosophy and phenomenology; some overviews of large parts of this period of philosophy include: Reynolds et al 2010 Chase & Reynolds 2010 Overgaard 2010 Critchley 2001 Glock 2008
Introductions Reynolds et al 2010 Chase & Reynolds 2010 Overgaard 2010 Critchley 2001 Glock 2008 E. Cooper 19934 Levy 2003
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