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  1. Cinco Dificultades Para Construir la Historia de la Filosofía Africana.Antonio de Diego Gonzalez - 2013 - Contrastes: Revista Internacional de Filosofía 18:211-222.
    RESUMENDesde la teoría postcolonial se han cuestionado los modelos de historia de las ideas impuestos por el africanismo y el orientalismo. Diferentes teóricos africanos –Bachir Diagne, Mundimbe, Wiredu o Kete Asante– han formulado diversas soluciones para superar las dificultades. Este trabajo explora las principales dificultades y las propuestas para elaborar una historia de la Filosofía africana. -/- The postcolonial theory was questioning the patterns of History of Ideas imposed by Orientalism and Africanism. Different African theorists –Bachir Diagne, Mundimbe, Kete Asante (...)
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  2. African Tradition, Philosophy, and Modernization.Polycarp Ikuenobe - 2001 - Philosophical Papers 30 (3):245-259.
    Abstract I examine Wiredu's views that (1) ethnophilosophy cannot be considered a legitimate philosophy because it has the feature of authoritarianism, and that (2) this feature of African tradition will not allow modern philosophy to flourish because it prevents individuals from rationally and critically examining beliefs. The ability to rationally acquire and examine beliefs, he insists, is critical for modernization in Africa. I argue that authoritarianism per se in Africa is not necessarily bad because its rational variant, which is justifiable, (...)
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  3. African Philosophy: Myth and Reality, 2nd Ed.PAULIN HOUNTONDJI - 1996
  4. Ethnophilosophy and its Critics: A Trialogue.Kwame Anthony Appiah, Kobina Oguah & Kwasi Wiredu - 1995 - In Safro Kwame (ed.), Readings in African Philosophy: An Akan Collection. University Press of America.
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