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  1. added 2019-06-28
    Custom and Morality: A Comparative Analysis of Some African and Western Conceptions of Morals.Kwasi Wiredu - forthcoming - African Philosophy: Selected Readings, Ed. Mosley, Ag Prentice Hall: Englewood Cliffs.
  2. added 2019-06-28
    Time in African Thought.Kwasi Wiredu - 1996 - In Douwe Tiemersma & Henk Oosterling (eds.), Time and Temporality in Intercultural Perspective. Rodopi. pp. 127--136.
  3. added 2019-06-28
    Readings in African Philosophy: An Akan Collection.Safro Kwame (ed.) - 1995 - University Press of America.
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  4. added 2019-06-28
    Formulating Modern Seventeen Thought in African.Kwasi Wiredu - 1992 - In V. Y. Mudimbe (ed.), The Surreptitious Speech: Presence Africaine and the Politics of Otherness 1947-1987. University of Chicago. pp. 301.
  5. added 2019-02-13
    Truth in English and Elsewhere: An Empirically-Informed Functionalism.Jeremy Wyatt - 2018 - In Pluralisms in Truth and Logic. pp. 169-196.
    Functionalism about truth, or alethic functionalism, is one of our most promising approaches to the study of truth. In this chapter, I chart a course for functionalist inquiry that centrally involves the empirical study of ordinary thought about truth. In doing so, I review some existing empirical data on the ways in which we think about truth and offer suggestions for future work on this issue. I also argue that some of our data lend support to two kinds of pluralism (...)
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  6. added 2017-03-30
    An Essay on African Philosophical Thought: The Akan Conceptual Scheme.Kwame Gyekye - 1987 - Cambridge University Press.
  7. added 2016-12-12
    Wiredu, Kwasi.Sanya Osha - 2014 - Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
    Kwasi Wiredu (1931- ) Kwasi Wiredu is a philosopher from Ghana, who has for decades been involved with a project he terms “conceptual decolonization” in contemporary African systems of thought. By conceptual decolonization, Wiredu advocates a re-examination of current African epistemic formations in order to accomplish two aims. First, he wishes to subvert unsavory aspects […].
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  8. added 2014-11-09
    Cultural Universals and Particulars: An African Perspective.Kwasi Wiredu - 1996 - Indiana University Press.
    The eminent Ghanaian philosopher Kwasi Wiredu confronts the paradox that while Western cultures recoil from claims of universality, previously colonized peoples, seeking to redefine their identities, insist on cultural particularities.
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