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  1. Aristotle’s Argument from Truth in Metaphysics Γ 4.Graham Clay - 2019 - Analysis 79 (1):17-24.
    Some of Aristotle’s statements about the indemonstrability of the Principle of Non-Contradiction (PNC) in Metaphysics Γ 4 merit more attention. The consensus seems to be that Aristotle provides two arguments against the demonstrability of the PNC, with one located in Γ 3 and the other found in the first paragraph of Γ 4. In this article, I argue that Aristotle also relies upon a third argument for the same conclusion: the argument from truth. Although Aristotle does not explicitly state this (...)
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  2. Ohne Satz vom Widerspruch keine Entität – Der Satz vom Widerspruch als Strukturformel der Realität.Gianluigi Segalerba - 2011 - Journal of Ancient Philosophy 5 (2):1-57.
    This paper deals with the strategy of defence that Aristotle dedicates to the principle of contradiction; the analysis is concentrated on passages of Metaphysics Gamma 4. The main thesis of the paper is that Aristotle’s strategy is an ontological, and therefore not only a logical, one: the principle is defended on the basis of the, from an ontological point of view, unacceptable consequences which would arise in case of the absence of the principle itself. These consequences are, for instance, the (...)
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  3. Significação e Linguagem no Livro Gamma da Metafísica de Aristóteles.Thiago Silva Freitas Oliveira - 2009 - Dissertation, University of Campinas
  4. Aristóteles, Metafísica Livros IV e VI.Lucas Angioni - 2007 - Campinas, Brazil: Instituto de Filosofia e Ciências Humanas, Universidade de Campinas.
    Translation of Aristotle's Metaphysics IV and VI, with notes. The translation is preliminary and intended as a provisional teaching tool to be also used in seminars and discussions with peers in order to reach a more elaborated version.
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  5. Um Estudo sobre a Delimitação da Filosofia como Ciência do Ente enquanto Ente em Aristóteles.Carlos Alexandre Terra - 2003 - Dissertation, University of Campinas, Brazil
  6. Princípio da Não-Contradição e Semântica da Predicação em Aristóteles.Lucas Angioni - 1999 - Analytica. Revista de Filosofia 4 (2):121-158.
    My object is Aristotle's discussion of principle of non-contradiction in the first stretch of Metaphysics IV.4. My main focus rests on the connections between Aristotle's discussion of the principle and some key notions of his (explicit or implied) semantics.
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  7. The place of unity in Aristotle's metaphysical project.D. Morrison - 1993 - Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium of Ancient Philosophy 9:131-156.
  8. The Evidence for Degrees of Being in Aristotle.Donald Morrison - 1987 - Classical Quarterly 37 (2):382-401.
    The topic of degrees of being in Aristotle is almost universally ignored. A very few scholars do discuss the topic or make use of it in passing. This situation mightbe explained by a scholarly consensus that Aristotle did have a doctrine ofdegrees of being, but this doctrine is too uninteresting to be worth much discussion. But a rather different consensus lies behind the current silence. Many experts in the subject deny that Aristotle believed in degrees of being.No one, to my (...)
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