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  1. added 2016-12-08
    Rationes ex machina. La micrologie à l’âge de l’industrie de l’argument.Leone Gazziero - 2008 - Paris: Vrin.
    Do Ideas exist and can we prove it ? Do proofs of their existence have all the same value or not ? Aristotle addresses these issues in two famous documents of the controversy that pitted supporters of the theory of Forms against its opponents within Plato’s Academy : his lost work, quoted by Alexander of Aphrodisias by the title of Peri Ideon, and the lengthy thrust against Ideas that can be read, with some minor variations, in books A, chapter 9, (...)
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  2. added 2014-10-30
    An Absurd Accumulation: Metaphysics M.2, 1076b11-36.Emily Katz - 2014 - Phronesis 59 (4):343-368.
    The opening argument in the Metaphysics M.2 series targeting separate mathematical objects has been dismissed as flawed and half-hearted. Yet it makes a strong case for a point that is central to Aristotle’s broader critique of Platonist views: if we posit distinct substances to explain the properties of sensible objects, we become committed to an embarrassingly prodigious ontology. There is also something to be learned from the argument about Aristotle’s own criteria for a theory of mathematical objects. I hope to (...)
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