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  1. added 2019-06-06
    Studies in Inductive Logic and Probability. Kyburg - 1972 - Philosophy of Science 39 (4):549-553.
  2. added 2019-06-05
    Studies in Inductive Logic and Probability. Rudolf Carnap, Richard C. Jeffrey. Kyburg Jr - 1972 - Philosophy of Science 39 (4):549-553.
  3. added 2019-06-05
    Induktive Logik und Wahrscheinlichkeit. R. Carnap, W. Stegmüller.Y. Bar-Hillel - 1962 - Philosophy of Science 29 (1):94-95.
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  4. added 2018-01-30
    Inductive Logic, Verisimilitude, and Machine Learning.Ilkka Niiniluoto - 2005 - In Petr H’Ajek, Luis Vald’es-Villanueva & Dag Westerståhl (eds.), Logic, methodology and philosophy of science. London: College Publications. pp. 295/314.
    This paper starts by summarizing work that philosophers have done in the fields of inductive logic since 1950s and truth approximation since 1970s. It then proceeds to interpret and critically evaluate the studies on machine learning within artificial intelligence since 1980s. Parallels are drawn between identifiability results within formal learning theory and convergence results within Hintikka’s inductive logic. Another comparison is made between the PAC-learning of concepts and the notion of probable approximate truth.
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  5. added 2017-08-02
    Rudolf Carnap.Logan Paul Gage - 2017 - In Paul Copan, I. I. I. Tremper Longman, Christopher L. Reese & Michael G. Strauss (eds.), Dictionary of Christianity and Science: The Definitive Reference for the Intersection of Christian Faith and Contemporary Science. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Academic. pp. 79-80.
    A brief introduction to the life and key work of Rudolf Carnap with special attention to his work on inductive logic.
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  6. added 2017-02-13
    An Observation on Carnapʼs Continuum and Stochastic Independencies.J. B. Paris - 2013 - Journal of Applied Logic 11 (4):421-429.
    We characterize those identities and independencies which hold for all probability functions on a unary language satisfying the Principle of Atom Exchangeability. We then show that if this is strengthen to the requirement that Johnson's Sufficientness Principle holds, thus giving Carnap's Continuum of inductive methods for languages with at least two predicates, then new and somewhat inexplicable identities and independencies emerge, the latter even in the case of Carnap's Continuum for the language with just a single predicate.
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  7. added 2016-12-08
    On Carnap and Popper Probability Functions.Hugues Leblanc & Bas C. van Fraassen - 1979 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 44 (3):369 - 373.
  8. added 2016-10-09
    Symmetry and Evidential Support.Michael G. Titelbaum - 2011 - Symmetry 3 (3):680--698.
  9. added 2016-10-08
    Rudolf Carnap: Philosophy of Science as Engineering Explications.Christopher F. French - 2015 - In Uskali Mäki, Stephanie Ruphy, Gerhard Schurz & Ioannis Votsis (eds.), Recent Developments in the Philosophy of Science: EPSA13 Helsinki. Springer. pp. 293-303.
    One way of explaining Rudolf Carnap’s mature philosophical view is by drawing an analogy between his technical projects—like his work on inductive logic—with a certain kind of conceptual engineering. After all, there are many mathematical similarities between Carnap’s work in inductive logic and a number of results from contemporary confirmation theory, statistics and mathematical probability theory. However, in stressing these similarities, the conceptual dependence of Carnap’s inductive logic on his work on semantics is downplayed. Yet it is precisely the conceptual (...)
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  10. added 2015-11-03
    Philosophy as Conceptual Engineering: Inductive Logic in Rudolf Carnap's Scientific Philosophy.Christopher F. French - 2015 - Dissertation, University of British Columbia
    My dissertation explores the ways in which Rudolf Carnap sought to make philosophy scientific by further developing recent interpretive efforts to explain Carnap’s mature philosophical work as a form of engineering. It does this by looking in detail at his philosophical practice in his most sustained mature project, his work on pure and applied inductive logic. I, first, specify the sort of engineering Carnap is engaged in as involving an engineering design problem and then draw out the complications of design (...)
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  11. added 2015-06-09
    Professor Carnap's Philosophy of Probability.Donald C. Williams - 1952 - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 13 (1):103-121.
  12. added 2014-03-27
    Statistical and Inductive Probability.Rudolf Carnap - 2010 - In Antony Eagle (ed.), Philosophy of Probability: Contemporary Readings. Routledge.
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  13. added 2014-03-27
    Carnap Y la Imposibilidad de la Semantica.Juan José Acero - 1995 - Theoria 10 (1):59-99.
  14. added 2014-03-22
    Probabilities for Multiple Properties: The Models of Hesse and Carnap and Kemeny. [REVIEW]Patrick Maher - 2001 - Erkenntnis 55 (2):183-215.
    In 1959 Carnap published a probability model that was meant to allow forreasoning by analogy involving two independent properties. Maher (2000)derived a generalized version of this model axiomatically and defended themodel''s adequacy. It is thus natural to now consider how the model mightbe extended to the case of more than two properties. A simple extension waspublished by Hess (1964); this paper argues that it is inadequate. Amore sophisticated one was developed jointly by Carnap and Kemeny in theearly 1950s but never (...)
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  15. added 2014-02-10
    On the Application of Inductive Logic.Rudolf Carnap - 1947 - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 8 (1):133-148.
  16. added 2014-02-10
    The Two Concepts of Probability: The Problem of Probability.Rudolf Carnap - 1945 - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 5 (4):513-532.
  17. added 2014-02-10
    Remarks on Induction and Truth.Rudolf Carnap - 1945 - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 6 (4):590-602.
  18. added 2013-08-30
    Logical Foundations of Probability. By Rudolf Carnap. Second Edition, 1962. The University of Chicago Press. Pp. Xxii and 613. $10.00. [REVIEW]R. H. Vincent - 1963 - Dialogue 2 (1):97-101.
  19. added 2013-08-30
    Book Review:International Encyclopedia of Unified Science: Vol. I, Foundations of the Unity of Science: ; No. 1, Encyclopedia and Unified Science; Otto Neurath, Niels Bohr, John Dewey, Bertrand Russell, Rudolph Carnap, Charles W. Morris; No. 2, Foundations of the Theory of Signs; Charles W. Morris; No. 5, Procedures of Empirical Science; Victor F. Lenzen; No. 6, Principles of the Theory of Probability. Ernest Nagel. [REVIEW]Paul Weiss - 1939 - Ethics 49 (4):498-.
  20. added 2013-08-27
    Carnap's Inductive Logic.Wesley C. Salmon - 1967 - Journal of Philosophy 64 (21):725-739.
  21. added 2013-08-27
    The Continuum of Inductive Methods. By Rudolf Carnap. (The University of Chicago Press. 1952. Cambridge University Press. Pp. Vi + 92. Price 26s.). [REVIEW]L. J. Russell - 1953 - Philosophy 28 (106):272-.
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  22. added 2013-08-23
    Reply to Professor Carnap.K. R. Popper - 1956 - British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 7 (27):244-245.
  23. added 2013-08-20
    The Leibniz-Carnap Program for Inductive Logic.Ian Hacking - 1971 - Journal of Philosophy 68 (19):597-610.
  24. added 2013-08-19
    Carnap and de Finetti on Bets and the Probability of Singular Events: The Dutch Book Argument Reconsidered.Klaus Heilig - 1978 - British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 29 (4):325-346.
  25. added 2013-08-19
    Professor Carnap and Probability.William H. Hay - 1952 - Philosophy of Science 19 (2):170-177.
  26. added 2013-08-19
    The Continuum of Inductive Methods.Rudolf Carnap - 1952 - University of Chicago Press.
  27. added 2013-08-19
    The Nature and Application of Inductive Logic.Rudolf Carnap - 1951 - Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
  28. added 2013-08-19
    The Problem of Relations in Inductive Logic.Rudolf Carnap - 1951 - Philosophical Studies 2 (5):75 - 80.
  29. added 2013-08-19
    Probability as a Guide in Life.Rudolf Carnap - 1947 - Journal of Philosophy 44 (6):141-148.
  30. added 2013-08-19
    On Inductive Logic.Rudolf Carnap - 1945 - Philosophy of Science 12 (2):72-97.
  31. added 2013-08-16
    Carnap Versus Godel: On Syntax and Tolerance.S. Awodey & A. W. Carus - unknown
    One thing we have found out about logical empiricism, now that people are examining it more closely again, is that it was more a framework for a number of related views than a single doctrine. The pluralism of different approaches among various adherents to the Vienna and Berlin groups has been much emphasized. Some have gone so far as to suggest that the kind of speculative philosophy now often called "continental" (including, say, phenomenology) can be seen as falling within the (...)
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  32. added 2013-08-16
    Notes on Probability and Induction.Rudolf Carnap - 1973 - Synthese 25 (3-4):269 - 298.
  33. added 2013-08-16
    Studies in Inductive Logic and Probability.R. Carnap & R. Jeffrey (eds.) - 1971 - University of California Press.
  34. added 2013-08-16
    Logical Foundations of Probability.Rudolf Carnap - 1950 - Chicago]University of Chicago Press.