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Summary See the summary of ‘<a href="">Christianity</a>’. In this category you find texts that do not fit into the sibling categories. Also edited books whose parts fit into various sibling categories.
Key works Philosophical investigations of Christian doctrines often are classified as ‘philosophical theology’. Anthologies are Flint & Rea 2009 and Rea 2009 (two volumes). Also the term ‘analytic theology‘ is used. Crisp & Rea 2009 is an anthology with this title.
Introductions The anthologies listed above provide introductions. Davis 2006 is an introduction too.
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  1. The Essence of Christianity. [REVIEW]C. P. A. - 1957 - Review of Metaphysics 10 (4):718-718.
  2. Book Review:The Origin and Meaning of Christianity. Gilbert T. Sadler. [REVIEW]F. A. - 1917 - Ethics 28 (1):131-.
  3. Another Reformation: Postliberal Christianity and the Jews by Peter Ochs , Ix + 278 Pp. [REVIEW]Nicholas Adams - 2014 - Modern Theology 30 (1):186-189.
  4. The Present Made Future.Nicholas Adams - 2000 - Faith and Philosophy 17 (2):191-211.
    It is well-known that Karl Rahner studied with Heidegger, but although there has been some recent interest in Rahner’s eschatology, it is rarely recognised how substantially Rahner’s discussion of the future draws on Heidegger’s earlier writings on time. At the same time, it is increasingly desirable to show how technical issues in theology bear upon concrete political practice in the public sphere. This article shows the extent of Rahner’s use of Heidegger and explains how Rahner’s understanding of the future relates (...)
  5. Christianity and Religious Diversity: Clarifying Christian Commitments in a Globalizing Age. [REVIEW]Paul D. Adams - 2015 - Philosophia Christi 17 (1):230-235.
    This is a sweeping treatment of navigating the difficulties of engaging a religiously pluralistic culture and offers sage and compassionate advice from one of the leading Christian thinkers today. His special treatment of Buddhism is engaging and should be carefully considered by all. Whether believer, nonbeliever, or none, this book engages all readership with careful research and deserves a wide audience.
  6. Leibniz's Examination of the Christian Religion.Robert Merrihew Adams - 1994 - Faith and Philosophy 11 (4):517-546.
  7. Embodying an 'Age of Doubt, Solitude, and Revolt' Christianity Beyond 'Excarnation' in A Secular Age.Peter Admirand - 2013 - Heythrop Journal 54 (6):905-920.
  8. Embodying an ‘Age of Doubt, Solitude, and Revolt’1: Christianity Beyond ‘Excarnation’ in a Secular Age.Peter Admirand - 2010 - Heythrop Journal 51 (6):905-920.
  9. Knowledge of God: A Comparative Study of Christian and Islamic Epistemologies.Muhammad Iqbal Afaqi - 2011 - National Book Foundation.
  10. Kierkegaard's “Three Stages”.David W. Aiken - 1996 - Faith and Philosophy 13 (3):352-367.
    The purpose of this paper is to explore an hypothesis rather than draw any unassailable conclusions. I argue that there is a fundamental tension between the sub-Christian account of the “Three Stages” presented in the earlier pseudonymous writings and the explicitly Christian account presented in the Anti-Climacean and later acknowledged writings. The earlier version is that of a progress from spiritless “immediacy” toward more complete integrations of the self, culminating in authentic religious faith; while the later is that of a (...)
  11. Philosophie Et Problèmes du Christianisme Africain: Pour Une Philosophie Chrétienne de la Vie.Kapumba Akenda & C. Jean - 2006 - Facultés Catholiques de Kinshasa.
  12. The Light in the Enlightenment: Christianity and the Secular Heritage.Shabbir Akhtar - 1990 - Grey Seal.
  13. Book Review: Modernity: Christianity's Estranged Child Reconstructed. [REVIEW]Gloria H. Albrecht - 2001 - Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology 55 (2):214-216.
  14. From the Stone Age to Christianity.William Foxwell Albright - 1957 - Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday.
  15. God; a Timely Consideration of What the Bible Says About God and His Relationship to You.George Alder - 1971 - Cincinnati, Ohio, Standard.
  16. Is There a Christian Philosophy?R. F. Aldwinckle - 1967 - Religious Studies 2 (2):233.
    Introduction: DURING the past twenty years philosophers have many times asked and answered the question : Is there a Christian Philosophy? Up to 1928 the existence of a Christian Philosophy was hardly denied. In that year the historian of philosophy,. Monsieur Brehier, raised a doubt: in three talks entitled "Y a-t-il une philosophie chretienne?" the Sorbonne professor put the question and answered: No; there is no such thing as a Christian Philosophy,. because-there cannot be; a Christian Philosophy is an intrinsie (...)
  17. Mapping Early Christianity Acts and the Shape of Early Church History.Loveday Alexander - 2003 - Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology 57 (2):163-173.
    It is no coincidence that the church in Luke's narrative bore the nickname “The Way.” The Evangelist's “mental map” of the early church's development is more fluid and open than the hierarchical model of later centuries.
  18. Re-Treating Religion: Deconstructing Christianity with Jean-Luc Nancy.Alena Alexandrova, Aukje van Rooden, Laurens ten Kate & Ignaas Devisch (eds.) - 2012 - Fordham University Press.
    Re-treating Religion is the first volume to analyze his long-term project The Deconstruction of Christianity,especially his major statement of it in Dis-Enclosure.Nancy conceives monotheistic religion and secularization not as opposite ...
  19. Can We Believe in God?Cyril Alington - 1936 - London: Rich & Cowan.
  20. Review of Two Great Truths. [REVIEW]George Allan - 2005 - Process Studies 34 (1):144-146.
  21. Orthodoxy and the Death of God: Essays in Contemporary Theology.A. M. Allchin - 1971 - [London], Fellowship of St Alban and St Sergius.
  22. Christianity and the Common Law.C. K. Allen - 1924 - Australasian Journal of Philosophy 2 (4):293 – 296.
  23. II.—Christianity and the Common Law.C. K. Allen - 1924 - Australasian Journal of Psychology and Philosophy 2 (4):293-296.
  24. Christianity and Nonsense.Henry E. Allison - 1967 - Review of Metaphysics 20 (3):432 - 460.
  25. God the Father.Gordon T. Allred (ed.) - 1979 - Deseret Book Co..
  26. Two Cheers for Mystery!William Alston - 2005 - In Andrew Dole & Andrew Chignell (eds.), God and the Ethics of Belief: New Essays in Philosophy of Religion. Cambridge University Press.
  27. Swinburne and Christian Theology. [REVIEW]William P. Alston - 1997 - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 41 (1):35-57.
  28. Realism and the Christian Faith.William P. Alston - 1995 - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 38 (1/3):37 - 60.
  29. Divine Nature and Human Language: Essays in Philosophical Theology.William P. Alston (ed.) - 1989 - Cornell University Press.
  30. Christianity by the Red Sea. Vol. I.Franz Altheim - 1972 - Philosophy and History 5 (2):185-191.
  31. The Poet, the Warrior, the Prophet the Edward Cadbury Lectures, 1990.Rubem A. Alves - 1990
  32. Indian Christian Thinkers.Anand Amaladass (ed.) - 2005 - Satya Nilayam Publications.
  33. 'Impressions of Christianity From the Points of View of the Non-Christian Religions-Christianity From the Islamic Standpoint.A. Ameer - 1906 - Hibbert Journal 4:241-259.
  34. Marilyn McCord Adams, Christ and Horrors: The Coherence of Christology (Current Issues in Theology, No. 4).A. K. Anderson - 2008 - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 64 (3):161-165.
  35. “Christianity Old and New”.K. C. Anderson - 1915 - The Monist 25 (4):596-615.
  36. Orthodox and Liberal Christianity.K. C. Anderson - 1915 - The Monist 25 (1):45-78.
  37. Aisthetike Vyzantine He Ennoia Tou Kallous Ston Mega Vasileio.Demetres Angeles - 2004
  38. The Problem of God.Peter Adam Angeles - 1974 - Columbus, Ohio, Merrill.
  39. Blood: A Critique of Christianity.Gil Anidjar - 2014 - Columbia University Press.
    Blood, in Gil AnidjarÕs argument, maps the singular history of Christianity.
  40. I Believe in God.Harold Anson - 1943 - London: F. Muller.
  41. The Philosophy of Primitive Christianity, or, Thoughts on the Place of Christianity in its Historical Setting.Edward Anwyl - 1905
  42. Das Gesetz I-Ii, 90-105.Otto Hermann Thomas Aquinas & Pesch - 1977 - F.H. Kerle Verlag Styria.
  43. The Attitude Towards Labor in Early Christianity and Ancient Culture.Rudolph Arbesmann - 1946 - Thought: Fordham University Quarterly 21 (4):756-757.
  44. An Incarnational Model of the Eucharist.James Arcadi - 2018 - Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
    The Eucharist is at the heart of Christian worship and at the heart of the Eucharist are the curious phrases, 'This is my body' and 'This is my blood'. James M. Arcadi offers a constructive proposal for understanding Christ's presence in the Eucharist that draws on contemporary conceptual resources and is faithful to the history of interpretation. He locates his proposal along a spectrum of Eucharistic theories. Arcadi explores the motif of God's presence related to divine omnipresence and special presence (...)
  45. Blinding Me with (Queer) Science: Religion, Sexuality, and (Post?) Modernity. [REVIEW]Ellen Armour - 2010 - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 68 (1-3):107-119.
    This essay brings to bear insights from continental philosophers Michel Foucault and Judith Butler on the science of (homo)sexuality and, more importantly, the desire to use such science to resolve contemporary conflicts over homosexuality’s acceptability. So-called queer science remains deeply beholden to modern notions of sex, gender, and sexuality, the author argues, a schematic that its premodern (Christian) roots further denaturalize. The philosophical insights drawn from this analysis are then applied to the controversy over homosexuality within global Christianity that often (...)
  46. The Problem of Christianity.A. C. Armstrong & Josiah Royce - 1914 - Philosophical Review 23 (1):71.
  47. Hellenic and Christian Studies.A. H. Armstrong - 1990
  48. Christianity and History.C. B. Armstrong - 1956 - Hibbert Journal 55:131.
  49. The God of the Beginnings.Robert Aron - 1966 - London: H. Hamilton.
  50. Histoire De Dieu.Robert Aron - 1964 - Paris: Librairie Académique Perrin.
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