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    "...besser, daß etwas geschieht." Zum Ereignis bei Derrida.Thomas Khurana - 2004 - In Marc Rölli (ed.), Ereignis auf Französisch. Von Bergson bis Deleuze. München: Fink. pp. 235–256.
  2. added 2014-07-26
    Margins of Philosophy. By Jacques Derrida. [REVIEW]Ross Mandel - 1985 - Modern Schoolman 62 (3):203-205.
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    Margins of Philosophy.Jacques Derrida - 1982 - University of Chicago Press.
    "In this densely imbricated volume Derrida pursues his devoted, relentless dismantling of the philosophical tradition, the tradition of Plato, Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, Husserl, Heidegger--each dealt with in one or more of the essays. There are essays too on linguistics (Saussure, Benveniste, Austin) and on the nature of metaphor ("White Mythology"), the latter with important implications for literary theory. Derrida is fully in control of a dazzling stylistic register in this book--a source of true illumination for those prepared to follow his (...)
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