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  1. added 2016-12-04
    The Wrong of Injustice: Dehumanization and its Role in Feminist Philosophy.Mari Mikkola - 2016 - Oxford University Press USA.
    This book examines contemporary structural social injustices from a feminist perspective. It asks: what makes oppression, discrimination, and domination wrongful? Is there a single wrongness-making feature of various social injustices that are due to social kind membership? Why is sexist oppression of women wrongful? What does the wrongfulness of patriarchal damage done to women consist in? In thinking about what normatively grounds social injustice, the book puts forward two related views. First, it argues for a paradigm shift in focus away (...)
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  2. added 2016-03-20
    Unsexing Subjects: Marie de Gournay on the Ontology of "Sex".Eloy LaBrada - forthcoming - In Claudia Brodsky & Eloy LaBrada (eds.), Inventing Agency. Bloomsbury Academic.
    This chapter analyzes the early modern French skeptical philosopher Marie de Gournay (1565-1645), who makes the provocative claim that sex is not essential to being human and that, furthermore, sex is not a pregiven, natural fact but socially constituted all the way down. Gournay provides some of the first nurture over nature arguments about “sex,” which for her means something like the presumed differences between men and women, arguing that sex differences do not exist. Drawing from analytic social and feminist (...)
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  3. added 2016-03-20
    Categories We Die For: Ameliorating Gender in Analytic Feminist Philosophy.Eloy LaBrada - 2016 - PMLA 131 (2):449-459.
    In this paper, I ask whether, and how, contemporary analytic feminist philosophy can ameliorate gender as a category for political mobilization. I contend that this partly requires abandoning gender realism and perhaps even the sex/gender distinction. As Sally Haslanger recommends, instead of focusing on what a priori intuitions or empirical referents our folk gender concepts capture we ought to develop an inquiry into the kinds of gender concepts we should adopt (or abandon) in order to promote social justice. I outline (...)
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  4. added 2011-03-28
    Gender Sceptics and Feminist Politics.Mari Mikkola - 2007 - Res Publica 13 (4):361-380.
    Some feminist gender sceptics hold that the conditions for satisfying the concept woman cannot be discerned. This has been taken to suggest that (i) the efforts to fix feminism’s scope are undermined because of confusion about the extension of the term ‘woman’, and (ii) this confusion suggests that feminism cannot be organised around women because it is unclear who satisfies woman. Further, this supposedly threatens the effectiveness of feminist politics: feminist goals are said to become unachievable, if feminist politics lacks (...)
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