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  1. added 2020-01-16
    Sex, Love, and Gender: A Kantian Theory.Helga Varden - 2020 - Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.
    Sex, Love, and Gender is the first volume to present a comprehensive philosophical theory that brings together all of Kant's practical philosophy — found across his works on ethics, justice, anthropology, history, and religion — and provide a critique of emotionally healthy and morally permissible sexual, loving, gendered being. By rethinking Kant's work on human nature and making space for sex, love, and gender within his moral accounts of freedom, the book shows how, despite his austere and even anti-sex, cisist, (...)
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  2. added 2019-07-02
    Review of Against Marriage: An Egalitarian Defence of the Marriage Free State by Clare Chambers. [REVIEW]Shelley Park - 2018 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2018.
  3. added 2019-06-06
    Marriage and the Metaphysics of Bodily Union: Framing the Same-Sex Marriage Debate.Rebekah Johnston - 2013 - Social Theory and Practice 39 (2):288-312.
    One current line of argument against the legalization of same-sex marriage, advocated primarily by the New Natural Lawyers, is that marriage is a pre-political institution that has, as an essential element, a bodily union requirement. They argue that same-sex couples cannot realize bodily union in their sexual activities and thus cannot meet the structural requirements of marriage. Accordingly, they argue that the same-sex marriage debate must be framed as a debate about what marriage is, and not, as it was in (...)
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  4. added 2019-06-06
    The Politics of Widowhood and Re-Marriage Among the Luo of Kenya.Samson O. Gunga - 2009 - Thought and Practice: A Journal of the Philosophical Association of Kenya 1 (1):165-178.
    This study utilises philosophical deliberation to analyse the psycho-social and emotional conflicts that arise out of widowhood practices in the Luo community ofKenya. Towards this end, it explores the attendant effects of Luo widowhood practices on family, power and gender relations, and suggests resolutions to thechallenges they generate.
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  5. added 2019-06-06
    Spiritual Marriage: Sexual Abstinence in Medieval Wedlock.Dyan Elliott.Glenn Olsen - 1995 - Speculum 70 (2):363-364.
  6. added 2019-06-06
    History and Philosophy of Science: Intimate Relationship or Marriage of Convenience? "Historical and Philosophical Perspectives of Science, Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science", 5). [REVIEW]Ronald N. Giere - 1973 - British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 24:282.
  7. added 2019-06-05
    The “Sanctity” of Marriage – an Archaeology of a Socio-Religious Construct: Mythological Origins, Forms and Models.Yolanda Dreyer - 2008 - Hts Theological Studies 64 (1):499-527.
  8. added 2019-06-04
    Against Marriage: An Egalitarian Defence of the Marriage-Free State, by Clare Chambers: New York: Oxford University Press, 2017, Pp. Ix + 226, £25. [REVIEW]Eric M. Cave - 2019 - Australasian Journal of Philosophy 97 (2):418-418.
    Volume 97, Issue 2, June 2019, Page 418-418.
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  9. added 2019-06-04
    Liberalism, Civil Marriage, and Amorous Caregiving Dyads.Eric M. Cave - 2017 - Journal of Applied Philosophy 36 (1):50-72.
    Recently, the US has joined many European jurisdictions in extending civil marriage to same sex as well as different sex dyads. Many liberals regard this as a development worth entrenching. But a prominent recent liberal challenge to civil marriage claims otherwise. According to this challenge, by defining and conferring civil marriage, the state privileges some relationships over others that serve equally well the important liberal goal of fostering effective liberal citizenship, in violation of a prominent interpretation of the doctrine of (...)
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  10. added 2019-06-04
    Harm Prevention and the Benefits of Marriage.Eric M. Cave - 2004 - Journal of Social Philosophy 35 (2):233–243.
    There are entitlements, opportunities, and rights presently reserved to married couples by the basic structure of society, its major social institutions. Some claim that this is as it should be. But given the abiding effects of the basic structure on the prospects of individuals living within it, restrictions on liberty built into the basic structure require justification. One might think that we could justify reserving the benefits of marriage to married couples by appealing to harm prevention. In this paper, I (...)
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  11. added 2019-01-11
    On Unjust Forms of Marriage. Comments on the Discussion on Discrimination Against Same-Sex Couples.Andrzej Waleszczyński - 2018 - Diametros 56:110-130.
    This article defends the thesis that, in light of the postulates of liberal ethics, it is not possible to put forward universal arguments in support of any form of marriage. The existing forms of marriage should be either deemed unjust or founded on specific arguments recognized within a particular political community and determining the understanding of justice in a particular society. It defends the thesis that the requirement of universality, and consequently of impartiality, is not met, since behind every form (...)
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  12. added 2018-06-21
    Caring Relationships and Family Migration Schemes.Caleb Yong - 2016 - In Alex Sager (ed.), The Ethics and Politics of Immigration. pp. 61-83.
  13. added 2017-10-17
    The Limitations of Contract: Regulating Personal Relationships in the Marriage-Free State.Clare Chambers - 2016 - In Elizabeth Brake (ed.), After Marriage: Rethinking Marital Relationships. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.
  14. added 2017-02-15
    Giving the State Sole Jurisdiction Over Marriage Would Simplify the Law.Elaine E. Sutherland - unknown
    Giving the state sole jurisdiction over marriage would simplify the law, sidestep human rights pitfalls and free couples to celebrate their wedding however they choose.
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  15. added 2017-02-15
    Love, Marriage, and the Family in the Middle Ages: A Reader. [REVIEW]Henry Kelly - 2002 - The Medieval Review 9.
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  16. added 2017-02-15
    Marriage Alliance in Late Medieval Florence.Anthony Molho. [REVIEW]Sharon T. Strocchia - 1997 - Speculum 72 (1):201-203.
  17. added 2017-02-15
    Spiritual Marriage: Sexual Abstinence in Medieval Wedlock. [REVIEW]L. M. C. Weston - 1994 - The Medieval Review 10.
  18. added 2017-02-15
    Marriage and Friendship in Medieval Spain: Social Relations According to the Fourth Partida of Alfonso X. [REVIEW]M. Sconza - 1992 - Speculum 67 (4):1051-1052.
  19. added 2017-02-15
    A Further Investigation of Childhood Experience of Family Change and Ever Marriage: Race and Sex Differences.J. H. Li, J. OToole, R. E. Wright, R. H. Gray, L. Rosenberg, E. Johannisson, I. Brosens, F. Cornillie, M. Elder & J. White - 1991 - Journal of Biosocial Science 23 (3):255-62.
  20. added 2017-02-15
    Antigone 904-920 and the Institution of Marriage.Sheila Murnaghan - 1986 - American Journal of Philology 107 (2).
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  21. added 2017-02-14
    Migration as a Determinant of Marriage Pattern: Preliminary Report on Consanguinity Among Afghans.Abdul Wahab, Mahmud Ahmad & Syed Akram Shah - 2006 - Journal of Biosocial Science 38 (3):315.
    Two sample populations, one refugee and one resident, were studied. The frequencies of consanguineous marriages came out to be 49·8% and 55·4%, respectively, for the refugees and the residents. Caste endogamy was dominant both in the residents and the refugees. The mean coefficient of inbreeding was calculated to be 0·0303 for the refugee population and 0·0332 for the resident population samples. First cousin marriage was the dominant type of marriage in both samples; fathers daughter (FBD) marriage was more frequent among (...)
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  22. added 2017-02-14
    Gender, Property and Power: Mahr and Marriage in a Palestinian Village.Annelies Moors - 1991 - In Kathy Davis, Monique Leijenaar & Jantine Oldersma (eds.), The Gender of Power. Sage Publications. pp. 111--128.
  23. added 2017-02-14
    Marriage Fertility Statistics.C. Tietze - 1937 - The Eugenics Review 28 (4):308.
  24. added 2017-02-13
    Distance Associated with Marriage Migration in a Northern and a Southern Region of Bangladesh: An Empirical Study.Md Mizanur Rahman, Shamima Akter & Ataur Rahman - 2010 - Journal of Biosocial Science 42 (5):577-586.
  25. added 2017-02-13
    Prevalence of Consanguineous Marriages in Syria.Hasan Othman & Mostafa Saadat - 2009 - Journal of Biosocial Science 41 (5):685.
  26. added 2017-02-13
    Consanguineous Marriages in Morocco and the Consequence for the Incidence of Autosomal Recessive Disorders.I. Cherkaoui Jaouad, S. Chafaï Elalaoui, A. Sbiti, F. Elkerh, L. Belmahi & A. Sefiani - 2009 - Journal of Biosocial Science 41 (5):575.
  27. added 2017-02-13
    Modernization or Cultural Maintenance: The Practice of Consanguineous Marriage in Iran.Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi, Peter Mcdonald & Meimanat Hosseini-Chavoshi - 2008 - Journal of Biosocial Science 40 (6):911-933.
  28. added 2017-02-13
    Prevalence and Sociodemographic Correlates of Consanguineous Marriages in Turkey.Ismet Koc - 2008 - Journal of Biosocial Science 40 (1):137-148.
  29. added 2017-02-13
    Place, Space, and Situation: Public and Private in the Making of Marriage in Late-Medieval London.Shannon McSheffrey - 2004 - Speculum 79 (4):960-990.
  30. added 2017-02-13
    The Prevalence and Correlates of Consanguineous Marriages in Yemen: Similarities and Contrasts with Other Arab Countries.Rozzet Jurdi & Prem C. Saxena - 2003 - Journal of Biosocial Science 35 (1):1-13.
  31. added 2017-02-13
    Family Theory: Economics of Marriage and Divorce.Yoram Weiss - 2001 - In N. J. Smelser & B. Baltes (eds.), International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences. pp. 5387--5392.
  32. added 2017-02-13
    Meiji Religious Policy, Sōtō Zen, and the Clerical Marriage Problem.Richard Jaffe - 1998 - Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 25 (1-2):45-85.
  33. added 2017-02-13
    Biosocial Perspective of Consanguineous Marriages in Rural and Urban Swat, Pakistan.Abdul Wahab & Mahmud Ahmad - 1996 - Journal of Biosocial Science 28 (3):305-313.
    SummaryConsanguineous marriages in two population samples, one rural and one urban, from Swat were studied. The frequency of consanguineous marriages was found to be 37·13% and 31·11%, and mean inbreeding coefficients were calculated as 0·0168 and 0·0162, for the rural and urban populations respectively. The most frequent type of marriage was between first cousins, in both samples. Among first cousin marriages, those with father's brother's daughter were predominant. Mean inbreeding coefficient was higher for higher socioeconomic groups in both samples. Differences (...)
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  34. added 2017-02-13
    The Marriage of Church and State in Ireland.Wm Grossman - 1989 - Free Inquiry 9 (3):53-55.
  35. added 2017-02-13
    Reasons for Consanguineous Marriages in Japan.Yoko Imaizumi - 1987 - Journal of Biosocial Science 19 (1):97-106.
  36. added 2017-02-13
    Activity in the Law of Status: Domicile, Marriage and the Law Commission.Richard Fentiman - 1986 - Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 6 (3):353-367.
  37. added 2017-02-13
    A Study of Marriage and Mobility in Reading, England.D. A. Coleman - 1979 - Journal of Biosocial Science 11 (4):369-389.
  38. added 2017-02-13
    Age at Marriage and Family Size: Social Causation and Social Selection Hypotheses.Joan Busfield - 1972 - Journal of Biosocial Science 4 (1):117-134.
  39. added 2017-02-12
    Prevalence of Consanguineous Marriages Among Shi'a Populations of Lebanon.Ghadir El-Kheshen & Mostafa Saadat - 2013 - Journal of Biosocial Science 45 (5):675-682.
  40. added 2017-02-12
    Prevalence of Consanguineous Marriages in West and South of Afghanistan.Mostafa Saadat & Khadijeh Tajbakhsh - 2013 - Journal of Biosocial Science 45 (6):799-805.
  41. added 2017-02-12
    Cousin Marriage in South-Western England in the Nineteenth Century.Cathy Day & Malcolm Smith - 2013 - Journal of Biosocial Science 45 (3):405-414.
  42. added 2017-02-12
    Getting Ready for the Marriage Market? A Comment.Björn Schneider & Florian Grimps - 2012 - Journal of Biosocial Science 44 (2):229-234.
  43. added 2017-02-12
    Getting Ready for the Marriage Market? Further Comment.Petter Lundborg, Paul Nystedt & Björn Lindgren - 2012 - Journal of Biosocial Science 44 (2):251-254.
  44. added 2017-02-12
    Getting Ready for the Marriage Market? A Rejoinder.Florian Grimps & Björn Schneider - 2012 - Journal of Biosocial Science 44 (2):243-249.
  45. added 2017-02-12
    Isolation and Marriage Patterns in Four South Tyrolean Villages (Italy) During the Nineteenth Century.A. Riegler, F. Marroni, C. Pattaro, P. Gueresi & P. P. Pramstaller - 2008 - Journal of Biosocial Science 40 (5):787-791.
  46. added 2017-02-12
    Christianity and Gender Relationships in Japan: Case Studies of Marriage and Divorce in Early Meiji Protestant Circles.Helen Ballhatchet - 2007 - Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 34 (1):177-201.
  47. added 2017-02-12
    Case Note: Same-Sex Marriage in South Africa –the Constitutional Court's Judgment: Minister of Home Affairs and Another V. Fourie and Another, with Doctors for Life International , John Jackson Smyth and Marriage Alliance of South Africa , Case C.C.T. 60/04, Decided on 1 December 2005 Lesbian and Gay Equality Project and Eighteen Others V. Minister of Home Affairs and Others, Case C.C.T.10/04, Decided on 1 December 2005. [REVIEW]Beth Goldblatt - 2006 - Feminist Legal Studies 14 (2):261-270.
    Late last year the Constitutional Court of South Africa decided that the exclusion of same-sex couples from the common law definition of marriage and the statutory marriage formula was unconstitutional as it violated the rights of such couples to equality. The Court suspended the declaration of invalidity for one year to allow Parliament to enact new legislation to correct the defects, failing which certain words would be read into the legislation to accommodate same-sex marriage. A single judge dissented on the (...)
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  48. added 2017-02-12
    The Prevalence and Demographic Characteristics of Consanguineous Marriages in Pakistan.R. Hussain & A. H. Bittles - 1998 - Journal of Biosocial Science 30 (2):261-275.
    Consanguineous marriages are strongly preferred in much of West and South Asia. This paper examines the prevalence and sociodemographic correlates of consanguineous unions in Pakistan using local and national data. Information from 1011 ever-married women living in four multi-ethnic and multi-lingual squatter settlements of Karachi, the main commercial centre of the country, are compared with data from the national 1990/91 Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey (PDHS), based on information provided by 6611 women. Both sets of results indicate that approximately 60% (...)
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  49. added 2017-02-12
    Marriage Patterns of California's Early Spanish-Mexican Colonists (1742–1876).Clara Garcia-Moro, D. I. Toja & Phillip L. Walker - 1997 - Journal of Biosocial Science 29 (2):205-217.
    Marriage patterns of California's eighteenth and nineteenth century Spanish-Mexican families are analysed using data from genealogies and mission records. A shortage of women among the military based colonists led to an unusual marriage pattern with a large age differential between husbands and wives. The average age at marriage was 18·4 years for women and 28·4 years for men. Spatial mobility was high for both sexes, particularly for men. More husbands than wives were born in Mexico. The Monterey presidial district of (...)
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  50. added 2017-02-12
    Messages From a Rarely Visited Island: Duress and Lack of Consent in Marriage. [REVIEW]Hilary Lim - 1996 - Feminist Legal Studies 4 (2):195-220.
    If we fear repetition in the signs that come to us from the world, it is because in that repetition we discover that the world's powers are always there, dozing perhaps, and surely somewhat removed, but still present and ready to swallow us as if we were a word in their language. If we feel strangely uneasy when we note that a word, automatically repeated, seems to lose all connection with its meaning, it is because at the very moment we (...)
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