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  1. added 2015-02-07
    Ästhetik des Fado.Andreas Dorschel - 2015 - Merkur 69 (2):79-86.
    Fado, the urban folk of Lisbon and Coimbra, is an art of nuances. These nuances music takes from poetry; as ‘sung poetry’ (‘poema cantado’ in Portuguese) fados are not to be equated with ‘songs’ that turn the word into a vehicle – a dominant procedure in, e.g., rock music. Again, ‘voice’ in fado does not so much manifest individual expression; rather it is, as it were, ‘on loan’ from tradition. Keeping some distance from dance, too, fado at the beginning of (...)
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  2. added 2014-03-28
    Island Songs: A Global Repertoire.Godfrey Baldacchino (ed.) - 2011 - Scarecrow Press.
    "Through the close analysis of musical performance and tradition, the scholarly contributiors to Island Songs provide a global review of how island songs, their lyrics, and their singers engage with the challenges of modernity, migration , ...
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  3. added 2011-04-14
    The Sounding of the World: Aesthetic Reflections on Traditional Gong Music of Vietnam.Philip Alperson, B. E. N. Chí & To Ngoc Thanh - 2007 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 65 (1):11–20.
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