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  1. Kylie Bourne (2011). Commanding and Controlling Protest Crowds. Critical Horizons 12 (2):189-210.
    Police and authorities have increasingly adopted "command and control" strategies to the policing of intentionally peaceful protest crowds. These strategies work to close down access to a physical space in which a protest is to occur and thus in turn they effectively restrict the capacity of a citizen to engage in the democratic right of peaceful protest.
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  2. Corey Brettschneider (2010). When the State Speaks What Should. Perspectives on Politics.
  3. Kimberley Brownlee (2007). Civil Disobedience. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
  4. Erik Persson (2015). Citizens of Mars Ltd. In Charles S. Cockell (ed.), Human Governance Beyond Earth – Implications for Freedom. Springer. pp. 121-137.
    When the time comes to decide how to govern an extraterrestrial settlement there will be many alternatives to chose from. We will have the opportunity to try new and so far untested theories, but there are also some old forms of government that might be tempting to try again. We might for instance let the company whose activities on the world are the reason for the establishment govern the settlement. This has been tried before on our own planet both because (...)
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  5. Carl F. Taeusch (1952). Freedom of Assembly. Ethics 63 (1):33-43.
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