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  1. added 2020-05-28
    The Closing Passage of Frege's ``Über Sinn Und Bedeutung''.Ronald E. Nusenoff - 1978 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 19 (2):282-284.
  2. added 2020-05-23
    1997.“On Sinn and Bedeutung.”.Gottlob Frege - 1997 - In Michael Beaney (ed.), The Frege Reader. Blackwell.
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  3. added 2020-05-21
    Frege's Sinn Und Bedeutung.Paul D. Wienpahl - 1950 - Mind 59 (236):483-494.
    This article is concerned with frege's "sinn und bedeutung", As an examination of (1) a statement and analysis of frege's argument, And (2) specification and justification of a meaning of 'sense' which fits the data of frege's discussion and does not make 'sense' a subsistent entity. (staff).
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  4. added 2020-05-18
    Ueber Sinn Und Bedeutunq (on Sense and Reference).Gottlob Frege - 2000 - In Robert J. Stainton (ed.), Perspectives in the Philosophy of Language: A Concise Anthology. Broadview Press. pp. 45-64.
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  5. added 2020-05-17
    Sense and Reference.Gottlob Frege - 1948 - Philosophical Review 57 (3):209-230.
  6. added 2020-05-16
    On Sense and Nominatum.Gottlob Frege - 1949 - In Wilfrid Sellars & Herbert Feigl (eds.), Readings in Philosophical Analysis. Appleton-Century-Crofts. pp. 85-102.
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  7. added 2020-05-15
    Gottlob Frege: On Sense and Reference (Reading, Translation into Arabic and Comment).Salah Osman - 2016 - Contexts, Language and Interdisciplinary Studies, Natural Sciences Publishing Cor., USA 1 (1):277 - 298.
    كان «فريجه» – على حد تعبير «دامت» – من أوائل من أدركوا أن نظرية المعنى، أو فلسفة اللغة، هي جزءٌ اساسي من الفلسفة ترتكز عليه كافة الأجزاء الاخرى؛ فإلى جانب دراساته التأسيسية الرائدة في الرياضيات والمنطق، كان يُؤسس ايضًا لفلسفة اللغة ببعض المقالات التي فاقت في تاثيرها وشهرتها تاثير وشهرة معظم أعماله الرياضية الأخرى، دون إقلال من شان هذه الأخيرة وريادتها. وهذه الدراسة بمثابة قراءة تحليلية – نقدية لمقاله الأكثر أهمية في هذا الصدد «في المعنى والإشارة»، مشفوعة بترجمة إلى العربية (...)
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  8. added 2020-05-14
    The Opening Passage of Frege's 'Über Sinn Und Bedeutung'.David Coder - 1974 - Philosophia 4 (2-3):339-343.
  9. added 2020-05-14
    On Sinn and Bedeutung.Gottlob Frege - 1892 - In Michael Beaney (ed.), The Frege Reader. Blackwell. pp. 151-172.
  10. added 2020-05-14
    Über Sinn und Bedeutung.Gottlob Frege - 1892 - Zeitschrift für Philosophie Und Philosophische Kritik 100 (1):25-50.
  11. added 2020-05-08
    Frege, August Bebel and the Return of Alsace-Lorraine: The Dating of the Distinction Between Sinn and Bedeutung.Göran Sundholm - 2001 - History and Philosophy of Logic 22 (2):57-73.
    A detailed chronology is offered for the writing of Frege's central philosophical essays from the early 1890s. Particular attention is given to (the distinction between) Sinn and Bedeutung. Suggestions are made as to the origin of the examples concerning the Morning Star/Evening Star and August Bebel's views on the return of Alsace-Lorraine. Likely sources are offered for Frege's use of the terms Bestimmungsweise, Art des Gegebenseins and Sinn und Bedeutung.
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  12. added 2020-05-07
    On Sense and Reference.Gottlob Frege - 2010 - In Darragh Byrne & Max Kölbel (eds.), Arguing About Language. Routledge. pp. 36--56.
    Equality1 gives rise to challenging questions which are not altogether easy to answer. Is it a relation? A relation between objects, or between names or signs of objects? In my Begriffsschrift I assumed the latter. The reasons which seem to favour this are the following: a = a and a = b are obviously statements of differing cognitive value; a = a holds a priori and, according to Kant, is to be labeled analytic, while statements of the form a = (...)
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  13. added 2020-05-04
    A Translation of Frege's Ueber Sinn Und Bedeutung. [REVIEW]Alonzo Church - 1948 - Philosophical Review 57:207-208.
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