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  1. added 2018-11-23
    Hegel and Bataille on Sacrifice.W. Ezekiel Goggin - 2018 - Hegel Bulletin 39 (2):236-259.
    In Georges Bataille’s view, the Hegelian interpretation of kenotic sacrifice as passage from Spirit to the Speculative Idea effaces the necessarily representational character of sacrifice and the irreducible non-presence of death. But Hegel identifies these aspects of death in the fragments of the 1800 System. In sacrificial acts, subjectivity represents its disappearance via the sacrificed other, and hence is negated and conserved. Sacrifice thus provides the representational model of sublation pursued in the Phenomenology as a propaedeutic to Science. Bataille’s critique (...)
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  2. added 2015-02-11
    The “Passion” of Finitude. The Young Hegel as Post-Kantian.Francesca Brencio - forthcoming - In Hegel-Jahrbuch.
  3. added 2014-03-09
    “God Himself Is Dead!” Luther, Hegel, and the Death of God.Frederiek Depoortere - 2007 - Philosophy and Theology 19 (1/2):171-195.
    This paper traces the origins of the phrase “God is dead!” back to Hegel and Luther. It proceeds in the following four steps: Section I investigates the appearance of the theme of God’s death in Lutheran theology. Section II elaborates on Hegel’s adaptation of this theme in the context of his early work Faith & Knowledge. In section III, the paper continues on how the theme of the death of God developed from Luther to Nietzsche via Hegel, before concluding, in (...)
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  4. added 2013-09-20
    Tragedy, Recognition and the Death of God. [REVIEW]Paul Redding - 2013 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 201307.