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  1. added 2018-08-17
    De Husserl a Levinas. Un camino en la fenomenología.Francisco-Javier Herrero-Hernández - 2005 - Salamanca, España: Publications Pontifical University of Salamanca.
    Es sabido que Levinas pasa por ser uno de los primeros y mejores intérpretes de la obra de Husserl y tampoco nadie duda ya, a estas alturas de la investigación, de la decisiva mediación histórica que significó para la naciente fenomenología francesa la labor pionera de nuestro joven autor. Filósofos como Sartre, Ricoeur o Henry no se podrían entender completamente sin el concurso de la obra más temprana de Levinas. La tesis principal que ha vertebrado mi exposición defiende que una (...)
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  2. added 2018-04-28
    Discovering Existence with Husserl.Richard A. Cohen & Michael B. Smith (eds.) - 1998 - Northwestern University Press.
    Contemporary philosophers are increasingly turning to the work of Emmanuel Levinas to bring a consideration of ethics into their own thinking. As an exponent of the phenomenological tradition, Levinas ranks with Heidegger and Sartre; as a disciple of Husserl, he was one of the most independent and original interpreters, testifying to the fruitfulness of Husserl's phenomenology. In collecting almost all of Levinas's articles on Husserlian phenomenology, this volume gathers together a wealth of thoughtful exposition and interpretation by one of the (...)
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  3. added 2018-02-04
    Telepathy and Intersubjectivity in Derrida, Husserl and Levinas.Michael Haworth - 2014 - Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology 45 (3):254-267.
    Taking as its jumping off point recent attempts in the sciences of the mind to facilitate direct brain-to-brain communication, this article considers the challenges such a development poses to the phenomenology of intersubjectivity. This is examined initially through recourse to Husserl's description of the encounter with the other in the Cartesian Meditations, Levinas’ rival account in Totality and Infinity, and Derrida's contribution to this dialogue in the essay ‘Violence and Metaphysics’. All three turn around the problem of how the externality (...)
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  4. added 2017-03-25
    Levinas Representing Husserl on Representation: An Ethics Beyond Representation.Jeffrey Powell - 1995 - Philosophy Today 39 (2):185-197.
  5. added 2017-03-18
    Identity, Alterity, and Ethics in the Work of Husserl and His Religious Students: Stein and Levinas.Curtis Hutt - 2009 - Philosophy Today 53 (1):12-33.
  6. added 2017-03-13
    Intersubjectivity, Responsibility, and Reason: Levinas and the “New Husserl”.Stephen Minister - 2006 - Philosophy Today 50 (Supplement):48-56.
  7. added 2017-03-13
    What Ethics Demands of Intersubjectivity: Levinas and Deleuze on Husserl.Jeffrey W. Brown - 2002 - International Studies in Philosophy 34 (1):23-37.
  8. added 2017-03-02
    Good Infinity/Bad Infinity: Il y a, Apeiron, and Environmental Ethics in the Philosophy of Levinas.Danne Polk - 2000 - Philosophy in the Contemporary World 7 (1):35-40.
    Although Levinas does not specifically articulate an environmental ethic, he certainly has a concept of nature working within his philosophy, a portrait of which can be drawn from the various texts that describe in detail what he believes to be the human, primordial relationship to the elemental. The following essay is an attempt to articulate how Levinas comes to define that relationship, and to imagine what kind of environmental ethic is implied by it. We will see that an important, dichotomous (...)
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  9. added 2017-02-27
    “The Dignity of the Mind”: Levinas’s Reading of Husserl.James Dodd - 2010 - Levinas Studies 5:19-41.
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