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  1. added 2019-06-06
    Husserl and the Sciences: Selected Perspectives. [REVIEW]Patrick A. Heelan - 2005 - International Philosophical Quarterly 45 (3):405-406.
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  2. added 2018-03-19
    R. Schmit, Husserls Philosophie der Mathematik. Platonistische Und Konstruktivistische Momente in Husserls Mathematikbegriff. [REVIEW]B. Smith - 1983 - History and Philosophy of Logic 4 (2):230.
  3. added 2018-02-17
    Objectivity, Science, and Society: Interpreting Nature and Society in the Age of the Crisis of Science.Paul A. Komesaroff - 1986 - Routledge.
    Originally published in 1986. This work remains of compelling interest to those concerned with the natural sciences and their social problems. It puts forward original and unorthodox ideas about the philosophy of and sociology of science, starting from the conviction that modern societies face deep problems arising from unresolved dilemmas about the meaning, content and technical applications of the theories of nature they employ. The book draws on insights developed within a variety of traditions to explore these problems, especially the (...)
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  4. added 2018-02-13
    Husserl et la logique des signes.Denis Fisette - 1999 - Revue de Sémiologie RSSI 20 (1-3):145-185.
    This study seeks to trace the boundaries of the sign in the phenomenological tradition of Edmund Husserl. The approach adopted here is largely historical and has no other ambition that to identify those questions that pertain to the sign and have been of interest for phenomenology. The article is divided in four parts : the first examines an essay from 1890 entitled Semiotik and situates it in the context of the young Husserl's work in the philosophy of mathematics ; the (...)
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  5. added 2017-12-30
    Talking Past Each Other: Mach and Husserl on Thought Economy.Iulian D. Toader - 2019 - In Ernst Mach - Life, Work, and Influence. Vienna Circle Institute Yearbook 22. pp. 213-221.
    This note revisits the debate between Mach and Husserl on thought economy and argues that, to a considerable extent, they talked past each other, insofar as the latter rejected thought economy as a principle of theoretical rationality, whereas the former conceived of it as a principle of practical rationality. This is further supported by their correspondingly different readings of the so-called principle of the permanence of forms.
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  6. added 2017-12-20
    A Brief Introduction to Transcendental Phenomenology and Conceptual Mathematics.Nicholas Lawrence - 2017 - Dissertation,
    By extending Husserl’s own historico-critical study to include the conceptual mathematics of more contemporary times – specifically category theory and its emphatic development since the second half of the 20th century – this paper claims that the delineation between mathematics and philosophy must be completely revisited. It will be contended that Husserl’s phenomenological work was very much influenced by the discoveries and limitations of the formal mathematics being developed at Göttingen during his tenure there and that, subsequently, the rôle he (...)
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  7. added 2015-11-09
    L'idée de la Logique Formelle Dans les Appendices VI À X du Volume 12 des Husserliana.Manuel Gustavo Isaac - 2015 - History and Philosophy of Logic 36 (4):321-345.
    Au terme des Prolégomènes, Husserl formule son idée de la logique pure en la structurant sur deux niveaux: l'un, supérieur, de la logique formelle fondé transcendantalement et d'un point de vue épistémologique par l'autre, inférieur, d'une morphologie des catégories. Seul le second de ces deux niveaux est traité dans les Recherches logiques, tandis que les travaux théoriques en logique formelle menés par Husserl à la même époque en paraissent plutôt indépendants. Cet article est consacré à ces travaux tels que recueillis (...)
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  8. added 2015-09-11
    The Fate of Mathematical Place: Objectivity and the Theory of Lived-Space From Husserl to Casey.Edward Slowik - 2010 - In Vesselin Petkov (ed.), Space, Time, and Spacetime. Springer Verlag. pp. 291-312.
    This essay explores theories of place, or lived-space, as regards the role of objectivity and the problem of relativism. As will be argued, the neglect of mathematics and geometry by the lived-space theorists, which can be traced to the influence of the early phenomenologists, principally the later Husserl and Heidegger, has been a major contributing factor in the relativist dilemma that afflicts the lived-space movement. By incorporating various geometrical concepts within the analysis of place, it is demonstrated that the lived-space (...)
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  9. added 2015-08-25
    Governing Knowledge: The Formalization Dilemma in the Governance of the Public Sciences.Peter Woelert - 2015 - Minerva 53 (1):1-19.
    This paper offers a conceptually novel contribution to the understanding of the distinctive governance challenges arising from the increasing reliance on formalized knowledge in the governance of research activities. It uses the current Australian research governance system as an example – a system which exhibits a comparatively strong degree of formalization as to its knowledge mechanisms. Combining theoretical reflections on the political-administrative and epistemic dimensions of processes of formalization with analyses of interview data gathered at Australian universities, it is suggested (...)
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  10. added 2014-11-14
    Peirce and Husserl: Abduction, Apperception and Aesthetics.Angela Ales Bello - 1994 - In Herman Parret (ed.). John Benjamins. pp. 113-121.
  11. added 2014-03-23
    Claire Ortiz Hill and Guillermo E. Rosado Haddock: Husserl or Frege? Meaning, Objectivity, and Mathematics. [REVIEW]V. Pallares Vega Ivonne - 2003 - Husserl Studies 19 (2):179-191.
  12. added 2014-03-15
    Review of R. Tieszen, Phenomenology, Logic, and the Philosophy of Mathematics[REVIEW]Carlo Ierna - 2007 - History and Philosophy of Logic 28 (2):173-174.
  13. added 2013-11-26
    Three Interviews.Miro Brada - manuscript
    To support my Phd theses and results of my grant research in 1999, I asked 1) prominent chemist Antonín Holý, author of substances to treat hepatitis and HIV, about the indivisibility of the art and science (published in Slovak Narodna Obroda and Czech blisty,cz), 2) the distinguished economist William Baumol about the alternative activities (published in Slovak Nove Slovo, Czech Respekt and, 3) Nobel Laureate Clive Granger about the significance of the economics (published in 2004 in Czech weekly Tyden). (...)
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  14. added 2013-11-20
    The Logic of Disenchantment: A Phenomenological Approach.Daniel Dwyer - 2010 - In Pol Vandevelde & Sebastian Luft (eds.), Epistemology, Archaeology, Ethics.
  15. added 2013-03-22
    The Question of Grammar in Logical Investigations, With Special Reference to Brentano, Marty, Bolzano and Later Developments in Logic.Jocelyn Benoist - 2003 - In Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka (ed.), Phenomenology World-Wide. Kluwer Academic Publishers.
  16. added 2012-02-24
    Richard Feist, Ed. 'Husserl and the Sciences'. [REVIEW]Abraham D. Stone - 2005 - Review of Metaphysics 58 (4):891-892.
  17. added 2012-02-23
    Book Reviews. Robert S. Tragesser: 'Husserl and Realism in Logic and Mathematics'. Yung-Han Kim: 'Phanomenologie Und Theologie. Studien Zur Fruchtbarmachung des Transzendentalphanomenologischen Denkens Fur Das Christlich-Dogmatische Denken'. Alphonso Lingis: 'Phenomenological Explanations'. [REVIEW]Dallas Willard, James G. Hart & Richard A. Cohen - 1988 - Husserl Studies 5 (1).
  18. added 2012-02-23
    The Idea of Phenomenology: Husserlian Exemplarism.André de Muralt - 1974 - Northwestern University Press.
  19. added 2012-02-21
    Geometry, Intuition and Experience: From Kant to Husserl. [REVIEW]Ulrich Majer - 1995 - Erkenntnis 42 (2):261 - 285.
  20. added 2012-02-21
    Husserl and British Empiricism (1886-1895).Richard T. Murphy - 1986 - Research in Phenomenology 16 (1):121-137.
  21. added 2012-01-25
    Husserl and Putnam on the Human Sciences Versus the Natural Sciences.Kristana Arp - 1994 - Southern Journal of Philosophy 32 (4):355-366.
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