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  1. added 2014-03-26
    John Addington Symonds (1840-1893) and Homosexuality: A Critical Edition of Sources.Sean Brady - 2012 - Palgrave-Macmillan.
    This volume is an indispensable reference for a wide range of scholars working across multidisciplinary fields of inquiry that focus on British and continental histories of medicine and sexuality, gender history and studies of nineteenth ...
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  2. added 2014-03-17
    Biological Explanations of Human Sexuality: The Genetic Basis of Sexual Orientation.Christopher Horvath - 2007 - In David L. Hull & Michael Ruse (eds.), The Cambridge Companion to the Philosophy of Biology. Cambridge University Press.
  3. added 2014-03-14
    The Productive Power of Ambiguity: Rethinking Homosexuality Through the Virtual and Developmental Systems Theory.Ann Burlein - 2005 - Hypatia 20 (1):21-53.
    This paper juxtaposes Deleuze's notion of the virtual alongside Oyama's notion of a developmental system in order to explore the promises and perils of thinking bodily identity as indeterminate at a time when new technologies render bodily ambiguity increasingly productive of both economic profit and power relations.
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  4. added 2014-03-13
    Religion, Genetics, and Sexual Orientation: The Jewish Tradition.Dena S. Davis - 2008 - Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal 18 (2):pp. 125-148.
    This paper probes the implications of a genetic basis for sexual orientation for traditional branches of Judaism, which are struggling with how accepting to be of noncelibate gays and lesbians in their communities. The paper looks at the current attitudes toward homosexuality across the different branches of Judaism; social and cultural factors that work against acceptance; attitudes toward science in Jewish culture; and the likelihood that scientific evidence that sexual orientation is at least partly genetically determined will influence Jewish scholars' (...)
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  5. added 2014-03-12
    Weighing the Evidence: Empirical Assessment and Ethical Implications of Conversion Therapy.Robert J. Cramer, Frank D. Golom, Charles T. LoPresto & Shalene M. Kirkley - 2008 - Ethics and Behavior 18 (1):93 – 114.
    The American Psychological Association's (APA's) as well as other professional organizations' (e.g., American Psychiatric Association) removal of homosexuality as a mental disorder represented a paradigmatic shift in thinking about exual orientation. Since then, APA (2000) disseminated guidelines for working with lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) clients, and a variety of scholars and researchers alike have advocated affirmative therapeutic interventions with LGB individuals. Despite these efforts, the controversy over treating individuals with LGB orientations using nonaffirmative techniques continues. In this discussion, the (...)
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  6. added 2012-07-27
    Deviant Sexual Behaviour: Modification and Assessment.R. C. Lyle - 1975 - Journal of Medical Ethics 1 (4):197-198.
  7. added 2012-06-23
    Constructing and Deconstructing the 'Gay Gene': Media Reporting of Genetics, Sexual Diversity and 'Deviance'.J. Kitzinger - unknown
  8. added 2012-06-23
    Biological Aspects of Homosexuality.M. MacCulloch - 1980 - Journal of Medical Ethics 6 (3):133-138.
  9. added 2011-09-07
    Exotic Becomes Erotic: A Political Postscript.Daryl Bem - manuscript
    This article is a postscript to Bem's (1996) theory of sexual orientation, which claims that an individual's sexual orientation is more directly the result of childhood experiences than of inborn biological factors. The possibility that the theory provides a successful strategy for preventing gender-nonconforming children from becoming homosexual adults is considered and rejected. So, too, is the thesis that biological explanations of homosexuality are more likely than experience-based explanations to promote gay-positive attitudes and practices.
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  10. added 2011-09-07
    A Gender- and Sexual Orientation-Dependent Spatial Attentional Effect of Invisible Images.Yi Jiang, Patricia Costello, Fang Fang, Miner Huang & Sheng He - 2006 - Pnas 103 (45):17048 -17052.
  11. added 2011-06-20
    Exotic Becomes Erotic: Interpreting the Biological Correlates of Sexual Orientation.Daryl Bem - manuscript
    Although biological findings currently dominate the research literature on the de- terminants of sexual orientation, biological theorizing has not yet spelled out a developmental path by which any of the various biological correlates so far iden- tified might lead to a particular sexual orientation. The Exotic-Becomes-Erotic (EBE) theory of sexual orientation (Bem, 1996) attempts to do just that, by sug- gesting how biological variables might interact with experiential and sociocultural factors to influence an individual’s sexual orientation. Evidence for the theory (...)
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  12. added 2011-06-20
    The Nature and Causes of Homosexuality: A Philosophic and Scientific Inquiry.Noretta Koertge (ed.) - 1981 - Haworth Press.
    For a balanced discussion of the main social, medical, and philosophical aspects of homosexuality, here is the ideal book. Written by philosophers of science, each comprehensive chapter takes a critical look at research on the etiology of homosexuality. Read Philosophy and Homosexuality and examine the evidence for both the sociobiological and hormonal explanations of homosexuality and study the definitions of sexual orientation and how they have affected research.
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