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  1. added 2018-11-05
    La Linguistica Romantica.Lia Formigari - 1977 - Torino TO, Italia: Loescher.
  2. added 2018-08-10
    The Onomastic Evidence for Bronze-Age West Semitic.M. O'Connor - 2004 - Journal of the American Oriental Society 124 (3):439-470.
  3. added 2018-08-01
    Review. [REVIEW]Maite Ezcurdia - 1995 - Critica 27 (79):107-122.
  4. added 2018-06-24
    Language and Experience: Descriptions of Living Language in Husserl and Wittgenstein.Harry P. Reeder - 1984 - Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology & University Press of America.
  5. added 2018-05-25
    Rise of Analytic Philosophy.Hans-Johann Glock (ed.) - 1997 - Wiley-Blackwell.
  6. added 2018-05-15
    Emerita Quito and Filipino Philosophy.Dainish Samantha Santos - unknown
    Abstract: This paper would talk about Emerita Quito’s thoughts and ideas about the state of the Philosophy in the Philippines. It would enumerate the problems that prevents it from totally flourishing here in our country and would try to provide viable solutions that can help develop it further. Moreover, it will also highlight why our language is an essential key factor in understanding philosophy. She would discuss here how we can never Filipino Philosophy can never flourish until we settle the (...)
  7. added 2018-02-28
    Lynn Staley, Languages of Power in the Age of Richard II. University Park, Pa.: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2005. Pp. Xiv, 394; 20 Black-and-White Figures and 1 Map. [REVIEW]William McClellan - 2006 - Speculum 81 (4):1259-1261.
  8. added 2018-02-18
    Philosophical Foundations of Language in the Law.Andrei Marmor & Scott Soames (eds.) - 2011 - Oxford University Press, Usa.
    Machine generated contents note: -- 1. The Value of Vagueness, Timothy Endicott -- 2. Vagueness and the Guidance of Action, Jeremy Waldron -- 3. What Vagueness and Inconsistency tell us about Interpretation, Scott Soames -- 4. Textualism and the Discovery of Rights, John Perry -- 5. The Intentionalism of Textualism, Stephen Neale -- 6. Can the Law Imply More than It Says? On some pragmatic aspects of Strategic Speech, Andrei Marmor -- 7. Modeling Legal Rules, Richard Holton -- 8. Trying (...)
  9. added 2018-02-17
    Language.Stephen Everson (ed.) - 2019 - Cambridge University Press.
    This third Companion To Ancient Thought is devoted to ancient theories of language. The chapters range over more than eight hundred years of philosophical enquiry, and provide critical analyses of all the principal accounts of how it is that language can have meaning and how we can come to acquire linguistic understanding. The discussions move from the naturalism examined in Plato's Cratylus to the sophisticated theories of the Hellenistic schools and the work of St Augustine. The relations between thought about (...)
  10. added 2018-02-17
    Translation in Theory and Practice: The Case of Johann David Michaelis’s Prize Essay on Language and Opinions (1759).Avi S. Lifschitz - 2010 - In Stafanie Stockhorst (ed.), Cultural Transfer through Translation. Rodopi.
    In this article Johann David Michaelis’s views of language and translation are juxtaposed with his own experience as a translated and translating author, especially with regard to the translations of his prize essay on the reciprocal influence of language and opinions (1759). Its French version originated in a close collaboration with the translators, while the pirated English edition was anonymously translated at second hand. The article reconstructs Michaelis’s relationship with the French translators and his renouncement of the English version, publicly (...)
  11. added 2018-02-17
    Intentions and Compositionality.Steffen Borge - 2009 - SATS 10 (1):100-106.
    It has been argued that philosophers that base their theories of meaning on communicative intentions and language conventions cannot accommodate the fact that natural languages are compositional. In this paper I show that if we pay careful attention to Grice's notion of “resultant procedures” we see that this is not the case. The argument, if we leave out all the technicalities, is fairly simple. Resultant procedures tell you how to combine utterance parts, like words, into larger units, like sentences. You (...)
  12. added 2018-02-17
    Convention: A Philosophical Study.David Lewis - 1969 - Wiley-Blackwell.
    _ Convention_ was immediately recognized as a major contribution to the subject and its significance has remained undiminished since its first publication in 1969. Lewis analyzes social conventions as regularities in the resolution of recurring coordination problems-situations characterized by interdependent decision processes in which common interests are at stake. Conventions are contrasted with other kinds of regularity, and conventions governing systems of communication are given special attention.
  13. added 2017-12-04
    Psychological and Other Aspects of the Sign Arbitrariness.Miroslav Brada - 2017 - le Cours de Linguistique Générale 1916-2016.
  14. added 2017-11-20
    Book Review:Language, Thought, and Other Biological Categories: New Foundations for Realism Ruth Garrett Millikan. [REVIEW]Kent Bach - 1985 - Philosophy of Science 52 (3):477-.
  15. added 2017-10-30
    A New Look at the Question of the Czech Linguistic Influences in the Language of Šime Budinić.Tadeusz Z. Gasinski - 1968 - Journal of Croatian Studies 9:174-181.
  16. added 2017-04-03
    Inconsistent Languages.Ma'iti Eklund - 2002 - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 64 (2):251-275.
    The main thesis of this paper is that we sometimes are disposed to accept false and even jointly inconsistent claims by virtue of our semantic competence, and that this comes to light in the sorites and liar paradoxes. Among the subsidiary theses are that this is an important source of indeterminacy in truth conditions, that we must revise basic assumptions about semantic competence, and that classical logic and bivalence can be upheld in the face of the sorites paradox.
  17. added 2017-02-16
    Philosophy of Czesław Miłosz: Language and/or Reality?Tomas Sodeika - 2011 - Problemos 80:176-182.
  18. added 2017-02-16
    Words and Things: A Critical Account of Linguistic Philosophy and a Study in Ideology.Ernest Gellner - 1959 - Philosophical Review 71 (2):252-257.
  19. added 2017-02-15
    Speaking Two Languages at Once: Unconscious Native Word Form Access in Second Language Production.Katharina Spalek, Noriko Hoshino, Yan Jing Wu, Markus Damian & Guillaume Thierry - 2014 - Cognition 133 (1):226-231.
  20. added 2017-02-15
    The Structure and Functions of Language.John R. Searle - 2014 - Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric 36 (1):27-40.
  21. added 2017-02-15
    Creating Histories and Spaces of Meaningful Use : Toward a Framework of Foreign Language Teaching with an Emphasis on Culture, Epistemology and Ethical Pedagogy.Harald Andreas Kraus - unknown
    This thesis arises out of a critique of the way language is decontextualized and presented from a reductively linguistic viewpoint in foreign language instruction. In particular, it focuses on the weaknesses of the broad approach known as Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) and highlights the disparity between its theoretical assumptions and practical applications. With this in mind, the thesis identifies and explores three foundational premises that should be considered as part of an attempt to design a theoretically coherent framework for foreign (...)
  22. added 2017-02-15
    The Influence of Non-Austroasiatic Languages on Numeral Classification in Austroasiatic.Karen L. Adams - 1991 - Journal of the American Oriental Society 111 (1):62-81.
  23. added 2017-02-15
    Ja. Lincbax's Book Principles of Philosophical Language.I. I. Revzin - 1978 - Semiotic Scene 2 (1):3-8.
  24. added 2017-02-15
    How Language Makes Us Know: Some Views About the Nature of Intelligibility. [REVIEW]E. J. A. - 1965 - Review of Metaphysics 19 (1):156-156.
  25. added 2017-02-15
    Philosophy of Language. [REVIEW]A. R. E. - 1965 - Review of Metaphysics 18 (3):581-581.
  26. added 2017-02-15
    Languages with Expressions of Infinite Length. [REVIEW]J. M. P. - 1965 - Review of Metaphysics 19 (1):154-154.
  27. added 2017-02-15
    Language and Philosophy. [REVIEW]B. D. A. - 1963 - Review of Metaphysics 17 (2):302-303.
  28. added 2017-02-15
    Language: An Enquiry Into its Meaning and Function, Science of Culture Series, Vol. VIII. [REVIEW]K. B. L. - 1958 - Review of Metaphysics 11 (3):519-520.
  29. added 2017-02-14
    Dark Tongues: The Art of Rogues and Riddlers.Daniel Heller-Roazen - 2013 - Zone Books.
    _Dark Tongues _constitutes a sustained exploration of a perplexing fact that has never received the attention it deserves. Wherever human beings share a language, they also strive to make from it something new: a cryptic idiom, built from the grammar that they know, which will allow them to communicate in secrecy. Such hidden languages come in many shapes. They may be playful or serious, children's games or adults' work. They may be as impenetrable as foreign tongues, or slightly different from (...)
  30. added 2017-02-14
    Language and Society.Frank Hindriks - 2011 - In Ian Jarvie Jesus Zamora Bonilla (ed.), The Sage Handbook of the Philosophy of Social Sciences. pp. 137.
  31. added 2017-02-14
    2 Language and Space.Karen Emmorey - 2004 - In François Penz, Gregory Radick & Robert Howell (eds.), Space: In Science, Art, and Society. Cambridge University Press. pp. 15--22.
  32. added 2017-02-14
    Velars, Uvulars, and the North Dravidian Hypothesis.David W. McAlpin - 2003 - Journal of the American Oriental Society 123 (3):521-546.
  33. added 2017-02-14
    Philosophical Perspectives, Language, Mind, and Ontology.James Tomberlin (ed.) - 2000 - Wiley-Blackwell.
    Published annually, this book brings together original and first-rate articles written by leading scholars in the field of philosophy.
  34. added 2017-02-14
    Language as History/History as Language: Saussure and the Romance of Etymology.Derek Attridge - 1987 - In Derek Attridge, Geoffrey Bennington & Robert Young (eds.), Post-Structuralism and the Question of History. Cambridge University Press. pp. 183--211.
  35. added 2017-02-14
    New Directions in Foreign Language Teaching.Dragan Milivojevic - 1979 - Journal of Thought 14 (4):273-79.
  36. added 2017-02-14
    Rules of Synchronic Analogy: A Proposal Based on Evidence From Three Semitic Languages.Joseph L. Malone - 1969 - Foundations of Language 5 (4):534-559.
  37. added 2017-02-13
    Connecting Partial Words and Regular Languages.Jürgen Dassow, Florin Manea & Robert Mercaş - 2012 - In S. Barry Cooper (ed.), How the World Computes. pp. 151--161.
  38. added 2017-02-13
    Second and Foreign Language Teaching and Learning.P. Shehan - 2006 - In Keith Brown (ed.), Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics. Elsevier. pp. 51--59.
  39. added 2017-02-13
    Sign Languages of the World.U. Zeshan - 2006 - In Keith Brown (ed.), Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics. Elsevier. pp. 335--365.
  40. added 2017-02-13
    Place of Ardhamagadhi and SaurasenI Languages of Jain Canonical Works in the Evolution of MIA. Languages.Kr Chandra - 2002 - In Hīrālāla Jaina, Dharmacandra Jaina & R. K. Sharma (eds.), Jaina Philosophy, Art & Science in Indian Culture. Sharada Pub. House. pp. 1--95.
  41. added 2017-02-13
    Dravidian Versus Aryan Culture.T. Manickam - 1999 - Journal of Dharma 24 (1):6-12.
  42. added 2017-02-13
    " Reality"-Problems Associated with Translating Romance Languages.G. Baptist - 1999 - Hegel-Studien 34:85-98.
  43. added 2017-02-13
    The Philosophy of Language and the Problem of Understanding in Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767-1835).J. Hroch - 1995 - Filosoficky Casopis 43 (6):959-970.
  44. added 2017-02-13
    The Politics of Language in Australia (Review).G. Richard Tucker - 1994 - In Stephen Everson (ed.), Language. Cambridge University Press. pp. 70--3.
  45. added 2017-02-13
    XIX. Contributions to a Comparative Dictionary of the Bantu Languages.C. G. Büttner - 1877 - Transactions of the South African Philosophical Society 1 (3):165-191.
  46. added 2017-02-12
    The Emergence of World Englishes: Implications for English Language Teaching.Naratip Jindapitak & Adisa Teo - 2013 - Emergence: Complexity and Organization 2 (2).
  47. added 2017-02-12
    Reduplicated Nominal Patterns in Semitic.Aaron Michael Butts - 2011 - Journal of the American Oriental Society 131 (1):83-108.
  48. added 2017-02-12
    How New Languages Emerge, de David Lightfoot.Rosabel San Segundo Cachero - 2009 - Teorema: International Journal of Philosophy 28 (1):202-205.
  49. added 2017-02-12
    A Proper View of Arabic, Semitic, and More.Gary A. Rendsburg, Aaron D. Rubin & John Huehnergard - 2008 - Journal of the American Oriental Society 128 (3):533.
  50. added 2017-02-12
    History in Language, Language in History.Revathi Krishnaswamy - 2005 - Clio: A Journal of Literature, History, and the Philosophy of History 34 (1-2):1.
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