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Summary This category includes works on topics that bear on the nature of Latin American philosophy. Latin American philosophers have often been interested in elucidating what exactly is Latin American philosophy. In discussing this question, they developed a number of proposals that could be classified as representative of either distinctivism, universalism or a mixed view. 
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Among the issues often considered foundational in Latin American philosophy are the so-called invisibility problem and the originality problem. An obstacle to the development of a characteristically Latin American philosophy include the fact that many creative philosophical thinkers in Latin American are not philosophers by training. And there is also the issue of establishing the historical origins of the discipline.

Introductions Gracia 2008; Nuccetelli 2003; Pereda 2006; Zea 1963.
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  1. added 2018-03-14
    Francisco Miró Quesada's Formal Ethics: Interpretative Overview with a Translation.Alonso Villarán - 2018 - Philosophical Forum 49 (2):135-160.
  2. added 2018-02-17
    Hispanic / Latino Identity: A Philosophical Perspective.Jorge J. E. Gracia - 1999 - Wiley-Blackwell.
    This volume provides a superb introduction to the philosophical, social, and political elements of Hispanic/Latino identity. It is an indispensable tool for anyone interested in issues that concern Hispanics/Latinos, social policy, and the history of thought and culture.
  3. added 2017-03-14
    El Pensamiento Hispanoamericano Antolog'ia Del Pensamiento de Lengua Espaänola En la Edad Contempor'anea.Josâe Gaos - 1993
  4. added 2017-03-13
    Historia de las ideas e identidad: History of Ideas and Identity.Yamandú Acosta - 2009 - Estudios de Filosofía Práctica E Historia de Las Ideas 11 (1):33-43.
    Se focaliza sobre la Historia de las ideas en América como disciplina y sobre sus aportes a la elucidación de la cuestión de la identidad de nuestra América. Para dar cumplimiento a este objetivo principal, se recurre a la periodización de la misma propuesta por Horacio Cerutti Guldberg, a partir de la cual se avanzan las líneas de reflexión del artículo. Se asume en su potencial heurísitico la tensionalidad y alternancia entre identidad y modernización sobre la que Eduardo Devés Valdés (...)
  5. added 2017-03-13
    Latin American Philosophy: Currents, Issues, Debates; The Concept of Other in Latin American Liberation: Fusing Emancipatory Philosophic Thought and Social Revolt; On Imperialist Globalization: Two Speeches. [REVIEW]Jon Beasley-Murray - 2004 - Radical Philosophy 123.
  6. added 2017-03-12
    Filosofía Analítica En América Latina.Alejandro Tomasini Bassols - 2014 - Revista de Filosofia Aurora 26 (38):167.
  7. added 2017-02-13
    Tres filósofos colombianos.Hernán Ortiz Rivas - 2012 - Bogota: Universidad Libre.
  8. added 2017-02-09
    The Latin American Front.Peter Masten Dunne - 1946 - Thought: Fordham University Quarterly 21 (1):133-134.
  9. added 2017-01-29
    Latinoamérica Cien Años de Filosofía.Carlos Rojas Osorio - 2002
  10. added 2017-01-29
    REULET, Editor, Contemporary Latin-American Philosophy. [REVIEW]Robinson Robinson - 1955 - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 16:136.
  11. added 2017-01-28
    El Pensamiento Latinoamericano.José Vasconcelos - 1978 - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Coordinación de Humanidades, Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras ; Unión de Universidades de América Latina.
  12. added 2017-01-17
    Personalism in Latin American Philosophy.J. A. Fránquiz - 1964 - Memorias Del XIII Congreso Internacional de Filosofía 9:571-583.
  13. added 2017-01-15
    On the Question of Latin American Philosophy.Michael Monahan - unknown
  14. added 2017-01-14
    A Century of Latin-American Thought. [REVIEW]R. P. - 1945 - Journal of Philosophy 42 (25):694-698.
  15. added 2016-12-08
    Latin American Philosophy at a Crossroads. [REVIEW]Elena Ruíz-Aho - 2011 - Human Studies 34 (3):309-331.
  16. added 2016-12-08
    Latin American Philosophy: Currents, Issues, Debates.Eduardo Mendieta (ed.) - 2003 - Indiana University Press.
    "The essays in this book make it elegantly clear that there is a vigorous and rigorous Latin American philosophy... and that others dismiss it at their peril." —Mario Sáenz The ten essays in this lively anthology move beyond a purely historical consideration of Latin American philosophy to cover recent developments in political and social philosophy as well as innovations in the reception of key philosophical figures from the European Continental tradition. Topics such as indigenous philosophy, multiculturalism, the philosophy of race, (...)
  17. added 2016-12-08
    Is There Latin American Philosophy?Eduardo Mendieta - 1999 - Philosophy Today 43 (9999):50-61.
  18. added 2016-11-09
    La temprana formación literaria del joven José Gaos en Valencia (1915-1919).Hector Arevalo - 2016 - Quaderns de Filosofia i Ciència 3 (2):11-16.
    This paper studies in detail about the early years of José Gaos (1900- 1969) and his education in philosophy and literature. Therefore, we know that their studies (academic or not) were not purely “philosophical” in 1915. Literature and philosophy played in Gaos an equally important role. The first real encounter with philosophy happens before he comes to Valencia in 1915; but in this year Gaos also receives a strong education, in aesthetic and literary, through press and philosophical journals, and especially (...)
  19. added 2016-10-27
    A Companion to Latin American Philosophy.Susana Nuccetelli, Ofelia Schutte & Otávio Bueno (eds.) - 2009 - Wiley-Blackwell.
  20. added 2016-09-26
    Normalizing Latin American Philosophy.Carlos Alberto Sánchez - 2011 - Teorema: International Journal of Philosophy 30 (2):175-186.
  21. added 2016-09-19
    The Philosophical Polemic in Havana Revisited.Vicente Medina - 2013 - Inter-American Journal of Philosophy 4 (1):32-52.
    The polemic was an important cultural event in 19th-century Cuba. From 1838 to 1840, issues of metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, pedagogy, and the influence of Victor Cousin’s eclecticism were discussed in the island’s leading newspapers. A brief historical account preceding the polemic is offered. It is argued that the predominant view of the polemic as motivated by a widespread desire for Cuba’s independence from Spain is misleading — promoting an emancipatory myth. Lastly, it is argued that José de la Luz y (...)
  22. added 2016-07-08
    Laclau, Populism, and Emancipation: From Latin America to the U.S. Latino/A Context.Adam Burgos - 2014 - Inter-American Journal of Philosophy 5 (1).
  23. added 2015-10-14
    A Companion to Latin American Philosophy.Susana Nuccetelli, Ofelia Schutte, OtÁ Bueno & Vio (eds.) - 2009 - Wiley-Blackwell.
  24. added 2015-10-14
    What Is Latin American Philosophy?J. E. Jorge - 2007 - In George Yancey (ed.), Philosophy in Multiple Voices. pp. 175.
  25. added 2015-09-18
    An Aproach to the History of Latin American Philosophical Thought.C. Beorlegui - 2005 - Pensamiento 61 (230).
  26. added 2015-09-18
    Concepto y Práctica de la Historia de la Filosofía.Vicente Durán Casas - 2005 - Universitas Philosophica 44:187-202.
  27. added 2015-09-18
    Latin American Philosophy as Critical Ontology of the Present: Themes and Motifs for a “Critique of Latin American Reason”.Santiago Castro-Gómez - 2003 - In Eduardo Mendieta (ed.), Latin American Philosophy: Currents, Issues, Debates. Indiana University Press. pp. 68--79.
  28. added 2015-09-18
    El Pensamiento Identitario.Hugo E. Biagini - 2001 - Utopía y Praxis Latinoamericana 6 (15):93-99.
    The analysis, research and interpretation of the concept of identity in Latin America is far from over. In this article an outline of new proposals that are being formulated in relation to this important theme is presented. Also new thoughts on identity are found to be “oriented towards an und..
  29. added 2015-09-18
    Balance y perspectivas del estudio del pensamiento latinoamericano en América y Europa.Raúl Fornet Betancourt - 1992 - Revista de filosofía (Chile) 75:273-288.
  30. added 2015-08-07
    Latin American Philosophy.Alexander V. Stehn - 2014 - Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
    This encyclopedia article outlines the history of Latin American philosophy: the thinking of its indigenous peoples, the debates over conquest and colonization, the arguments for national independence in the eighteenth century, the challenges of nation-building and modernization in the nineteenth century, the concerns over various forms of development in the twentieth century, and the diverse interests in Latin American philosophy during the opening decades of the twenty-first century. Rather than attempt to provide an exhaustive and impossibly long list of scholars’ (...)
  31. added 2015-08-07
    How to Solve the Invisibility Problem for Spanish and Latin American Philosophy.Susana Inés Nuccetelli Ferraro - 2012 - Teorema: International Journal of Philosophy 31 (1):129-138.
  32. added 2015-08-07
    What Is Latin American Philosophy?Jorge Je Gracia - 2007 - In George Yancey (ed.), Philosophy in Multiple Voices.
  33. added 2015-08-07
    Humanismo y autenticidad cultural en el pensamiento latinoamericano.Pablo Guadarrama González - 2004 - Anales Del Seminario de Historia de la Filosofía 21:169-183.
    El presente artículo intenta mostrar la forma particular que el humanismo adoptó en el desarrollo del pensamiento latino-americano. Las condiciones históricas del continente (dependencia económica, política y social primero de España, y luego de Europa y de Norteamérica) han sido causa determinante para que la filosofía latinoamericana haya oscilado hacia la ideología en detrimento del aspecto científico, y ha marcado también la búsqueda de autenticidad y especificidad en el discurso filosófico.
  34. added 2015-08-07
    Identidad, Origen, Modelos Pensamiento Latinoamericano.Mario Berrios Caro - 1988 - Instituto Profesional de Santiago.
  35. added 2015-08-07
    Reperterio de Fil'osofos Latinoamericanos = Directory of Latin American Philosophers.Jorge J. E. Gracia - 1988 - Council on International Studies and Programs, State University of New York at Buffalo.
  36. added 2014-11-09
    Reseña: Alex Ibarra Peña: Filosofía chilena: La tradición analítica en el período de institucionalización de la filosofía.Pedro D. Karczmarczyk - 2012 - Estudios de Filosofía Práctica E Historia de Las Ideas 14 (2):119-121.
    El presente trabajo de Alex Ibarra Peña recoge los resultados de una investigación cuyo tema es la constitución de un campo de estudios ligado a la filosofía analítica en Chile. El autor se propone una tarea informativa y crítica en la que cifra la novedad de su propuesta. En otros términos, la suya es una labor de rescate, de algunos filósofos y corrientes de pensamiento relegados en las narraciones hegemónicas de la institucionalización de la filosofía en Chile y una tarea (...)
  37. added 2014-03-30
    Teoría y Crítica Del Pensamiento Latinoamericano.Arturo Andrés Roig - 2009 - Una Ventana.
  38. added 2014-03-29
    Filosofía de la Filosofía.Oscar Nudler (ed.) - 2010 - Trotta.
    A diferencia de las disciplinas en las que la reflexión sobre sí mismas no forma parte de ellas, en la filosofía, como lo testimonia la obra de filósofos pertenecientes a distintas épocas y tradiciones, desde Platón y Aristóteles hasta Wittgenstein o Husserl, esa reflexión ocupa una posición central. Dado que no existe un modo canónico de entender y practicar la filosofía, al menos uno que exceda el ámbito de una particular escuela o tradición, la reflexión sobre la propia disciplina resulta (...)
  39. added 2014-03-28
    Teaching Philosophy.María Cristina González & Nora Stigol - 2010 - In Susana Nuccetelli, Ofelia Schutte & Otávio Bueno (eds.), A Companion to Latin American Philosophy. Wiley-Blackwell.
  40. added 2014-03-28
    Analytic Philosophy.Diana I. Pérez & Gustavo Ortiz Millán - 2010 - In Susana Nuccetelli, Ofelia Schutte & Otávio Bueno (eds.), A Companion to Latin American Philosophy. Wiley-Blackwell.
  41. added 2014-03-28
    La Filosofía En El Paraguay: Anticipos, 1814-1918: Ensayos de Investigación Cultural y Bibliográfica.Raúl Amaral - 2010 - Intercontinental Editora.
  42. added 2014-03-28
    Some Great Figures.Gregory D. Gilson & Gregory Pappas - 2010 - In Susana Nuccetelli, Ofelia Schutte & Otávio Bueno (eds.), A Companion to Latin American Philosophy. Wiley-Blackwell.
  43. added 2014-03-28
    Identity and Latin American Philosophy.Jorge Gracia - 2010 - In Susana Nuccetelli, Ofelia Schutte & Otávio Bueno (eds.), A Companion to Latin American Philosophy. Wiley-Blackwell.
  44. added 2014-03-28
    Latin American Philosophy.Susana Nuccetelli - 2010 - In Susana Nuccetelli, Ofelia Schutte & Otávio Bueno (eds.), A Companion to Latin American Philosophy. Wiley-Blackwell.
  45. added 2014-03-28
    Philosophy and Latin American Literature.Jesús Aguilar - 2010 - In Susana Nuccetelli, Ofelia Schutte & Otávio Bueno (eds.), A Companion to Latin American Philosophy. Wiley-Blackwell.
  46. added 2014-03-28
    Cultural Studies.Arturo Arias - 2010 - In Susana Nuccetelli, Ofelia Schutte & Otávio Bueno (eds.), A Companion to Latin American Philosophy. Wiley-Blackwell.
  47. added 2014-03-28
    Ethnic-Group Terms.Susana Nuccetelli & Rod Stewart - 2009 - In Susana Nuccetelli, Ofelia Schutte & Otávio Bueno (eds.), A Companion to Latin American Philosophy. Wiley-Blackwell.
  48. added 2014-03-27
    Apreciación y Crítica Del Filosofar Universalista En América Latina.Roberto Mora Martínez - 2011 - In Adalberto Santana (ed.), Filosofía, Historia de Las Ideas E Ideología En América Latina y El Caribe. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.
  49. added 2014-03-27
    Pensamiento y Utopía En Uruguay: Varela, Rodó, Figari, Piria, Vaz Ferreira y Ardao.Rubén M. Tani - 2011 - Casa Editorial Hum.
  50. added 2014-03-27
    Rostro y Filosofía de Nuestra América.Arturo Andrés Roig - 2011 - Una Ventana.
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