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  1. added 2020-02-12
    Identity Without Selfhood: Bisexuality and Simone de Beauvoir.Barbara S. Andrew - 2001 - Hypatia 16 (3):161-163.
  2. added 2019-06-17
    Do You Have To Be A Lesbian To Be A Feminist?Marilyn Frye - manuscript
    "Do You Have To Be A Lesbian To Be A Feminist?" Plenary session speech at the conference of the National Women's Studies Association, June 1990.
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  3. added 2019-06-16
    Review of The Coming Out Stories, Edited by Susan J. Wolfe and Julia Penelope Stanley. [REVIEW]Marilyn Frye - 1981 - Sinister Wisdom 14:97-98.
  4. added 2019-06-06
    Hidden Heritage. History and the Gay Imagination. An Anthology. [REVIEW]K. J. Dover - 1981 - The Classical Review 31 (2):326-327.
  5. added 2019-06-06
    The Language and Text of the Lesbian Poets. [REVIEW]G. P. Edwards - 1979 - The Classical Review 29 (2):306-306.
  6. added 2019-06-05
    The ‘Lesbian’ Muse in Tragedy: Euripides Meλ o∏ Oioσ in Aristoph. Ra. 1301–28.Mariella de Simone - 2008 - Classical Quarterly 58 (2):479.
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  7. added 2019-05-23
    Lesbian 'Sex'.Marilyn Frye - 1988 - Sinister Wisdom 35:46-54.
  8. added 2019-05-23
    To See and Be Seen: Metaphysical Misogyny.Marilyn Frye - 1981 - Sinister Wisdom 17:57-70.
  9. added 2019-05-21
    Do You Have to Be a Lesbian to Be a Feminist?Marilyn Frye - 1990 - Off Our Backs 20 (8):21-23.
  10. added 2014-04-03
    Lesbian Slip.Tangren Alexander - 1992 - Hypatia 7 (4):14-30.
    We were relaxing after supper, my daughter, who was ten, and my ninety-six-year-old grandmother, and I. Marcella had long known that I was a lesbian, and in her simple child's way understood perfectly. Grandma was another matter; I would have to wait for her to die before I could be open in the family about who I was. She could never be told. I loved her; there seemed no reason to distress her, who kept herself so deliberately innocent about the (...)
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  11. added 2014-03-29
    Are Lesbians Women?Jacob Hale - 1996 - Hypatia 11 (2):94 - 121.
    I argue that Monique Wittig's view that lesbians are not women neglects the complexities involved in the composition of the category "woman." I develop an articulation of the concept "woman" in the contemporary United States, with thirteen distinct defining characteristics, none of which are necessary nor sufficient. I argue that Wittig's emphasis on the material production of "woman" through the political regime of heterosexuality, however, is enormously fruitful for feminist and queer strategizing.
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  12. added 2014-03-27
    Lesbian Women's Experiences of Being Different in Irish Health Care.Mel Duffy - 2011 - In Gill Thomson, Fiona Dykes & Soo Downe (eds.), Qualitative Research in Midwifery and Childbirth Phenomenological Approaches. Routledge.
  13. added 2014-03-25
    Spilling All Over the "Wide Fields of Our Passions": Frye, Butler, Wittgenstein and the Context(s) of Attention, Intention and Identity (Or: From Arm Wrestling Duck to Abject Being to Lesbian Feminist).Wendy Lee-Lampshire - 1999 - Hypatia 14 (3):1-16.
    : I argue for a Wittgensteinian reading of Judith Butler's performative conception of identity in light of Marilyn Frye's analysis of lesbian as nonexistent and Butler's analysis of abject. I suggest that the attempt to articulate a performative lesbian identity must take seriously the contexts within which abjection is vital to maintaining gender, exposing the intimate link between context and the formulation of intention, and shedding light on possible lesbian identities irreducible to abjection.
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  14. added 2014-03-17
    Lesbian Philosophy.Cheshire Calhoun - 2007 - In Linda Alcoff & Eva Feder Kittay (eds.), The Blackwell Guide to Feminist Philosophy. Blackwell.
  15. added 2014-03-12
    Adoptive Maternal Bodies: A Queer Paradigm for Rethinking Mothering?Shelley M. Park - 2006 - Hypatia 21 (1):201-226.
    : A pronatalist perspective on maternal bodies renders the adoptive maternal body queer. In this essay, I argue that the queerness of the adoptive maternal body makes it a useful epistemic standpoint from which to critique dominant views of mothering. In particular, exploring motherhood through the lens of adoption reveals the discursive mediation and social regulation of all maternal bodies, as well as the normalizing assumptions of heteronormativity, "reprosexuality," and family homogeneity that frame a traditional view of the biological family. (...)
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  16. added 2014-03-09
    Heterosexualism and White Supremacy.Sarah Lucia Hoagland - 2007 - Hypatia 22 (1):166-185.
    : Articulating heterosexualism is not to supplicate for gays (that's the work of 'heterosexism' and 'homophobia') but to better understand consequences of institutionalizing a particular relationship between men and women. In this essay, Hoagland takes up the claim from a number of women of color that women are not all the same gender.
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  17. added 2014-03-09
    The Lesbian June Cleaver: Heterosexism and Lesbian Mothering.Bonnie Mann - 2007 - Hypatia 22 (1):149-165.
    : For many of us, entry into motherhood involves an ambiguous visibility and intelligibility, where our acceptance into mainstream spaces as mothers entails a loss of lesbian difference. Mann explores this loss using the work of two philosophers of lesbian difference, Monique Wittig and Judith Butler. She argues that the figure of the lesbian mother is deployed on a broad cultural scale to reinvigorate and renaturalize the myth of the happy, natural, heterosexual mother.
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  18. added 2014-01-21
    Alan Soble, Sexual Investigations:Sexual Investigations.Cheshire Calhoun - 1999 - Ethics 109 (4):928-931.
  19. added 2014-01-21
    Book Review:Lesbian Choices. Claudia Card. [REVIEW]Cheshire Calhoun - 1996 - Ethics 106 (4):862-.
  20. added 2014-01-21
    A Response to Lesbian Ethics.Marilyn Frye - 1990 - Hypatia 5 (3):132-137.
    Lesbian Ethics seems to address a need for an alternative to heteropatriarchal ethics. That need appears to have two suspect sources: a concept of agency which requires that agents know what is right; and a notion women may have that by being "good" we can escape the degraded status of females and achieve a status of citizeness, or honorary male. Instead of providing such an ethic, the book may show us how to live without it.
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  21. added 2012-09-05
    It's About This: Lesbians, Prison, Desire.Jenni Millbank - manuscript
    This paper explores three narratives of violently transgressive lesbians in a prison setting. The stories are two English novels, Nights at the Circus by Angela Carter (1984), Affinity by Sarah Waters (1999) and an English TV series, titled in an apparently tongue in cheek moment, Bad Girls (1999-ongoing). The paper explores a number of disruptive and counter-hegemonic aspects that run through these stories including their portrayal of violence as a reasonable response to oppressive social conditions, a distinct problematising of heterosexuality (...)
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  22. added 2012-07-27
    The Lesbian Rule.J. R. Lucas - 1955 - Philosophy 30 (114):195 - 213.
    The problem with which I wish to deal in this paper is the problem of singular reasons in the humanities, whether they exist, or rather, whether they can exist: for it would seem that the word “reason” carried with it some idea of generality, so that the phrase “singular reason” was a contradiction in terms, a specification which could never be fulfilled. But humanists are always sensing the singularity of their studies: and the philosopher wondering about the nature of humane (...)
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  23. added 2012-06-23
    The Paradox of “Natural” Heterosexuality with “Unnatural” Women.Thomas K. Hubbard - 2009 - Classical World: A Quarterly Journal on Antiquity 102 (3):249-258.
  24. added 2012-06-23
    The Right to Lesbian Parenthood.M. Kottow - 1984 - Journal of Medical Ethics 10 (1):54-54.
  25. added 2011-09-07
    The Right to Lesbian Parenthood.G. Hanscombe - 1983 - Journal of Medical Ethics 9 (3):133-135.
    The author argues that the minority homosexual section of our population--a larger minority than, for example, the ethnic minorities section--is more often than not excluded by the 'helping professions' from the right to be parents. The author appeals to the lack of scientific data supporting such exclusion and asks that homosexual parents and their children receive the same care from our institutions as other parents and children. Some instances of lack of care are cited. The paper was presented to the (...)
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  26. added 2011-07-22
    Lesbian Identity - Beauvoir and History.Ann Ferguson - 1985 - Hypatia 8 (3):203-208.
  27. added 2011-06-20
    Separating Lesbian Theory From Feminist Theory.Cheshire Calhoun - 1994 - Ethics 104 (3):558-581.