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  1. Reasoning with Attitude: Foundations and Applications of Inferential Expressivism.Luca Incurvati & Julian J. Schlöder - forthcoming - New York: Oxford University Press.
    This book presents and develops inferential expressivism, a novel approach to the study of meaning which combines elements of the expressivist and inferentialist programmes. Expressivists explain the meaning of words in terms of the attitudes that they are used to express; inferentialists explain the meaning of words in terms of the inferences that they are used to draw. The book lays out the philosophical foundations of inferential expressivism by articulating and defending the view that the meaning of an expression is (...)
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  2. Konstruktive Sprechakttheorie.Dirk Hartmann - 1993 - Protosoziologie 4:73-89, 200-202.
    It is shown that at least part of the terminology of the theory of speech acts can be methodically introduced within the constructive ortholanguage-programm. There is evidence that a methodical constraint leads the reconstruction of the basic speech-act-types from requests via statements to questions. Moreover there is evidence that requests and questions don't involve "propositional acts".
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