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Summary The term ‘miracle‘ is taken from ordinary discourse and from religious texts such as the Bible. The most typical examples are cases like God healing a blind man or raising a man from the dead, where God visibly intervenes in the ordinary course of things. Philosophers tend to not consider cases of men, for example the apostles, performing miracles or assume that in these God is the main agent too. However, there are controversial debates about how and how wide the concept of a miracle should be defined. Some define a miracle as not involving a divine intervention, others accept that the concept of a miracle implies a divine intervention and therefore claim that miracles are impossible. Much discussed is the relationship between miracles and the laws of nature.
Key works Larmer 1998 contains articles by various authors with various views.
Introductions Larmer 1988 introduces the debate about miracles, criticising David Hume and defending the possibility of miracles.
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    There is as yet... no unanimity among New Testament scholars as to the extent to which, or even whether at all, the category of divine man played a part in the interpretation of Jesus in the early Christian traditions.
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    ... we are to look to God for what which only he can give. If it is available elsewhere, we are not to ask for it even though he can provide it. One thing which only he can give us is genuine goodness or holiness . .. and another is his Kingdom.
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    Presence as ordinarily understood requires spatio-temporal proximity. If however Christ’s presence in the Eucharist is understood in this way it would take a miracle to secure multiple location and an additional miracle to cover it up so that the presence of Christ where the Eucharist was celebrated made no empirical difference. And, while multiple location is logically possible, such metaphysical miracles—miracles of distinction without difference, which have no empirical import—are problematic. I propose an account of Eucharist according to which Christ (...)
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  19. Above Analysis and Amazement: Some Contemporary Muslim Characterizations of 'Miracle' and Their Interpretation.Stefano Bigliardi - 2014 - Sophia 53 (1):113-129.
    This article aims at contributing to the study of miracles on multiple levels. First, it provides an update on current scholarship in contemporary Muslim interpretations of miracles by summarizing and comparing some positions that, despite their originality and/or potential influence on the wider Muslim readership, are not normally taken into account in a number of recent reconstructions of the concept within Islam. Second, it proposes some complementary philosophical interpretations of those positions, interpretations that involve identifying similarities and commonalities among the (...)
  20. God, Nature, and the Concept of Miracle.Stephen Sviatoslav Bilynskyj - 1983 - Dissertation, University of Notre Dame
    This dissertation is an attempt to defend and develop the implications of the view that miracles are events brought about by God which are physically impossible and which possess some religious significance. By "physically impossible" I mean an event contrary to the natural dispositions of things in the world. Such a view constitutes a return to the classical Thomistic conception of miracle. It is motivated by the failure of the standard modern or contemporary view of miracle to stand up to (...)
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    Que faire des miracles ? Cette question a passablement embarrassé la théologie catholique au cours des dernières décennies. Il est vrai que l’héritage des siècles passés n’était pas simple à recevoir. Longtemps, l’apologétique classique a fait jouer aux miracles un rôle qu’ils ne pouvaient remplir, celui d’argument péremptoire en faveur de la foi.Le présent essai tente de confronter les lacunes de l’apologétique classique aux ressources de la tradition théologique, en fonction de la situation nouvelle créée par les exigences critiques de (...)
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    Following a brief examination of some remarks by Paul Ricoeur on the notion of testimony. I provide the outline or an analysis of revelation based upon certain key concepts of process philosophy. This is followed by a more specific interpretation within the context of Whitehead’s philosophy of process.
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    There is witness, a unique structure, an exception to the rule of being, irreducible to representation, only of the Infinite (OB 146). It is with this excessive phrase that Levinas collects his thoughts on testimony. How are we to understand this excess? If the phrase is excessive, it is not an exaggerated phrase — not a phrase which, by its very exaggeration, would hold that testimony achieves its supreme signification in religious experience. It is not a question here of giving (...)
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